Saturday, July 29, 2006

Little Surfer...

A zip of the suit, a swath of sunblock, a quick wax of the board and he's headed out. I look down for a moment - now it's my turn to cover myself in SPF - and the tide has swallowed him whole. A head bobbing up and down, then beneath a wave until he's a head with shoulders. A steady rhythm. Up and down, up and down, anchored by the board. It's busy today - a sea of torsos. Every other board protrudes at an angle to that the surfer and the board make the shape of a giant fish mouth coming up to nip at a passing water bug.

* * *

Wetsuits, rash guards, bathing suits, board shorts, surf boards - my husband's beloved sport has some serious gear. I was lucky enough to score a very cute yellow short-sleeved rash guard from the CFO of O'Neill when we met her in Mexico on our honeymoon. Combined with my Old Navy board shorts for $7.99, I almost look the part. Now I just need to master actually catching waves. If Vanilla lasts for the rest of the summer, I might just have a shot.