Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dr. Bronners At The Corner Deli

Last night I went over to T&W's house on Clinton in Brooklyn. Don't ask me what neighborhood that is - I've asked them myself about 15 times. As a native NYer, you'd think I'd know more about Brooklyn than I do. But the BK is large, people, and it houses a lot of neighborhoods. Since I've never actually lived in Bklyn, it's hard to always remember where I am.

But the actual point of this post is the simple stop I made at a deli that's caddy corner to my friends' house. I had committed to bringing dessert, but saved that purchase til the bitter end of my trip to their house, so I had to resort to deli options. I found some fairly decent hazelnut wafers but the best surprise of all was that the place was selling all different scents of Dr. Bronner's soap. The bottles were less than $10, I had been meaning to pick up a bottle of the lavender, and boom - there it was at the corner deli on my way over to a dinner party. How sweet is NYC? So sweet. How good, clean and fair is this soap? So totes. How glad am I to be back?