Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Decade of Knowledge

A ton of media outlets are rating the "best" of the past decade. I wouldn't purport to know what's the best of anything, but I can share with you the most important things I've learned in the past decade. Here goes.

- The best way to get a job is to network.

- If you don't pay someone to make your wedding photo album for you, it will never get done.

- Beyonce sings some catchy songs. Jay Z is a catchy rapper. It's no wonder they got married.

- "Shop your closet." - JQ

- Here's the answer to what "FAIL" means and where it originated> Slate article on "FAIL".

- The worst anyone can ever say to you in response to anything is indeed "no."

- A vacation once a year to a new place is imperative to the health of a marriage.

- Time spent in NYC should not be wasted eating bad food.

- Being 35 is mentally better than being 25, but I really could do a hell of a lot more when I was 25 (exercise, run errands, drink, remember things).

- Being proud of yourself is paramount to everything.

- It's not selfish to make sure you're happy and healthy first before you can be anything to anyone -- friend, husband, wife, sister, father, mother, etc. -- and be happy about it.

- It seems true that if you accept the grief, you can also accept the joy.

- Local is different than organic. If you'd like to learn more, visit Slow Food USA.

That's the last post for 2009, my dears. Happy New Year from Miami, FL!

Friday, December 11, 2009

French Bulldog Friday

Hey, I'm for sale in NYC. Why dontcha buy me for your bestie?

Photo credit: Jerusha Klemperer

As for me, I ain't no Frenchie, but don't I really look like one in this photo?

Photo credit: Ryan Cockrell

Thursday, December 10, 2009

All I Want for Christmas..

...is this stuff. Just a few items. Not too much to ask, right?

I figured that since I shared what I'll be getting everyone else this holiday season, I should also share what I want you to give me for Christmas. Me me me. Gimmie.


If you wanted to really splurge on me, you'd get me these flat boots from 7 for All Mankind, easily available in my size on Bluefly.com. Cute, right? Flat, gray and buckled out, yo.


I said it before and I'll say it again, I love to sing to myself. Fred Flare has this awesome iKaraoke machine. I featured it in the post about what to give everyone else, so I won't repeat the photo, but I think you get the idea: plug a mic into your iPod and booyow -- insta-jammyland!

But I'll tell ya what I want. What I really really want is subscriptions to the following publications.

And Sunday delivery of this one:

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Charleston lunch

Duck confit sammich at Caviar & Bananas - delish!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Holiday Gifts 2009 - Family, Friends, Bosses, Colleagues, etc.

I don't really need to introduce this post with the typical "it's that time of year again!" do I? You know you're behind the eight ball on gift purchasing this year, you've done some preliminary searching online and haven't found what you're looking for AND you've gone to your local holiday markets and gotten bogged down by monogramming and polka dots. So here you are; and I am here to help.


Last year when the recession hit us all big-time, I suggested to my family that we do not buy each other anything. The rule for gift giving was anything repurposed, recycled or hand made was an allowable gift.

I've made it abundantly clear that I like to shop. Sometimes I buy things that really aren't right for me, and I hang onto them for a loooong time. Also, I make it a point to rotate my wardrobe throughout the year to make room for newer, trendier things (I realize as I get older, this statement is more ironic than actually true. Sigh.). So usually around the end of the year I have a big bag of new and slightly-used clothing to either take to Revente for consignment, share at a Bitch n' Swap, or ultimately give away to the Salvation Army. Well not last year! My sister is 27 and only a few inches taller than I am, so we tend to be the same size. Anything that was slightly used or still had the tags on it was wrapped up and put in a box for her. If she's a faithful reader of my blog, CC, here's a spoiler alert: I'll be doing the same thing this year with a few things.

My sister got slightly more creative: she made me a CD (part of a collection of music she's been sharing with me over the years called, "What the young people/cool kids are listening to") and she made me a collage that she framed with my favorite quotation. How'd she know what my favorite quotation is? Simple: it's on my Facebook profile. My point to you, dear reader, is this: creativity and resourcefulness isn't JUST about decoupage, smocking and hot glue guns...although the gifts that result from that stuff can be way cool too.

Last year for my Dad was great. He got a bunch of Tshirts both Ethan and I got at various events last year (he's also very tall, it's where my sister and I get it from, so he's the only one who can rock the size L and XL). Since he's not at all on the digital music train, he also received a bunch of our old or already downloaded CDs.

But this year we've planned to spend up to $50 on each other, so there's some shopping to be done. Here's a collection of great online gift resources:

Fred Flare - this has been and always will be the best resource for affordable gifts. EJ, if you're reading this, the iKaraoke is perfect for me, dontcha think?

MXYPLYZYK - this is like a more mature version of Fred Flare, but not by much. I love going to this store when I'm in NYC and was so happy to learn they sell online too. The pronunciation of the name is online, so you'll have to visit to learn the Superman reference. I got this "Lucky Beggar Purse" for my sis one year because I love it so.

Another great idea for family is to tap into your friends who are artists and buy them a piece of art. For EJ's birthday a while ago I framed some art that I was generously given by a friend who did drawings of surfers. This can often be affordable when it's a matter of buying photo prints. I am thinking about doing this again with a friend who does surfer photography.


Friends are just like family, so there's not really a point to me listing the following tips and sites separately except that I've committed to giving you advice about what to get for the different kind of people in your life and dang it, I am sticking with that commitment!

I've gotten all of my nearest and dearest a bag from Nana by Sally and y'all know my obsession with her and the bags. So if you've haven't already gotten your BFF a Nana bag I guess it's because your BFF is a guy? Well guess what, Sally made EJ a wallet so she can make your guy friend one too.

Another designer I've fallen in love with is The Small Object. I got KH this tiny mustache stick at last year's Crafty Feast which is a total classic and I think she loved it because we laughed about it for a while. Speaking of Crafty Feast, if you're a resident of Columbia, SC like I am, I can safely guarantee that the best place to find great gifts for your friends this holiday will be at the Winter Crafty Feast which will be on December 12 at the Tapp's building on Main Street. I will definitely be there because The Small Object will be back and I heart these wine stoppers.

The online version of Crafty Feast is a website KH recently introduced me to which is called Rare Bird Finds -- this is a great resource for finding unusual gifts for your friends.

Bosses and colleagues

The other day I was doing some very preliminary searching for gift ideas for bosses. It totally illed me out that everything I clicked on was some stupid collection of Cigar-of-the-Month clubs, golf balls and dark liquor tumblers. You know what I'm about to say, but please allow me this rant. WHAT ABOUT THE BOSSES OF THE WORLD WHO ARE WOMEN?!! The dumbest thing about these "guides" is that they are mainly written by women. Here's a tip, my dear freelance writers: even if your assignment is to write about good gifts for men, maybe you can suggest some gifts for women just for the hell of it?

All of my bosses are women (ok there's a man or two in there, but the big cheeses are the ladies). Last year, for my boss in NYC, I sent her a "care package" of all-South Carolina non-perishable delicacies: things like benne wafers and grits. You can give that to a male boss too, ya know. This year she's getting a Nana bag. That's a serious spoiler, I know, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she's not a close reader.

My colleagues are all getting Craque this year. Those of you may know this as "puppy chow," a southern delicacy, but craque is a bit of a twist on that and it's just what the name says it is - crazy wackadoo addictive. Another great idea for colleagues is to hit the sale racks at Target. You can find funky shirts for $4.00 and popular novels at a deep discount. This is a great resource for those last-minute white elephant or "secret santa" things some offices like to spring on you.

And there you have it, dollfaces. A redux/review of what I've done in the past and what my plans are for this year. I hope this will inspire and help you as you cruise into the final stretch before the holiday madness is officially upon us.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Earth Fare Customer Service Improving?

Today marks about the third time in the past couple of months that I've noticed the people working in Earth Fare are being nice. Not only that, they're being helpful.

After seeing Dr. Ann speak at Heathwood the other week, I decided there are mos def some changes that need to be made to my diet. As part of this kick, I am embracing vegetable juice. No, not V8, but the for-real, freshly-made stuff. So last week I went to Earth Fare and the young woman behind the juice bar counter actually advised me on what to order. Her tip, Zesty Carrot, is my new fave. It has carrots, beets, celery, wheatgrass and other stuff. It has just enough bite that the flavor is more appealing than gross. Here it is:

Isn't the color zippy? It makes me feel so good and I've unofficially decided that I am going to drink one of these each week in hopes of keeping the flu away this season. I'll keep you posted on that one.

So I'm back at Earth Fare today and there's a different person behind the juice counter who is, again, nice. Plus, there's a massage chair right by the lunch food area and apparently massages are $1.00. Not too sure how relaxed you can get for this price, but hey, it seems like this store is finally understanding that if they don't shape up, they'll be shipped out.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Caroline's Carolina Closet in Columbia, South Carolina

Seriously, people, we have GOT to come together and get much more creative on how we're naming our businesses in this town. If I see one more marketing firm, tire store, masseuse or doctor's office with any of the following words in its name, it's over.

- Palmetto: its our state tree, I know. I have one in my front yard and loathe it. What's more, I think it's dying.

- Carolinas: I guess this is some sort of attempt to be lumped in with North Carolina and therefore gain some sort of legitimacy?

- Columbia: oh, is that where we are? I had forgotten.

- Southern: again, I realize we're in the South, y'all.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Consumer As Employee

Since no one has sent me any new French bulldog photos, I've decided this Friday is Deep Thoughts Friday. Here goes.

On the one hand I am extremely thankful for all the user forums I find online that help me with Google Apps, Wordpress, my new Droid phone, my new magic mouse -- basically, all the technology I use in my life; but on the other hand, I'm starting to get a little resentful that we consumers need to be doing everything for these brands. We blog for their advertising/marketing/branding, we answer people's questions for their customer service...doesn't it stand to reason that we should be getting their products for free for all this work we're doing on their behalf?

Of course that question leads us to what many people consider the "negative" side of blogging. Indeed many bloggers DO receive a lot of products for free in exchange for writing about them online. Considering this blog has always been for me and my ten friends (or as JK would say for comic emphasis, me and my eleven friends), I have the free and clear luxury of always saying what I actually truly think about a product or brand. And there are plenty of blogs or websites that do, in fact, rate products based on their prescribed system no matter how they came to receive the product. Still there are plenty of online properties that aren't really telling you the most unbiased POV on a product or service simply due to the kick-backs they're receiving from the source.

So what's a reader to do? I guess the answer is to be discerning in the online content you read and absorb -- as discerning as you are when you choose to actually buy something. In today's world where we obtain so much information online, it ends up being a tricky balance of real/fluff and good/evil, not only for the brands working so hard to keep the new highly-verbal consumer satisfied, but it's also very hard for us as consumers ourselves to weed through fellow-consumer content. Good luck, my dears!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Charleston, SC - That's Chuckles, To You

While it's absolutely lovely to drive for just a little over an hour to Charlotte, NC, to get one's shop on (i.e., mine), Charleston, SC is where it's at because you can also get your city life on.

It's evolved into a little bit of a routine which so far hasn't gotten stale for me: EJ wakes up hella early in order to surf at Folly Beach (Editor's Note: this was before the "accident," i.e. a broken clavicle bone. Ouch!). Then I head down late-morning and cruise around the city until we meet up in the late-afternoon. The following outlines my route.

City Lights Coffee - this shop off the corner of Market and King Streets (on Market itself) is a great way to juice yourself up with well-caffeinated joe before a day of hoofing it to all the shops on King.

King Street - so then I make the rounds between the "mall stores" (Saks, Banana, J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, and occasionally Nine West and Benetton) and the privately-owned boutiques (V2V, Copper Penny, Copper Penny Shooz, Hampden Clothing, Worthwhile).

Culture - every so often it's important to pepper some culture in with the shopping blitz. The other weekend we went down for Kulture Klash which is HOT and makes you feel like our neck of the woods can rival NYC, LA, etc. The Klash takes place in a big space in North Chuckles with walls covered in visual pop art. Bands, DJs and dance circles fill up the space throughout the night. Dirt bike (2009) or skateboard (2008) demos go on outside. If you've never been, it's worth checking out. I think going twice (thrice for EJ) is enough to get the point, but local art should be supported no matter what.

That same weekend I was able to check out the Daufuskie Island photography exhibition at Gibbes Museum of Art. Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe is the photographer (Arthur Ashe was proud to call her his wife) and my latest fascination. Here's a shot from the exhibition at Gibbes.

Eating - Hello! Charleston isn't known as the foodie capital of the south for no reason. There are a ton of great spots to eat -- and eating is a very important element of shopping and walking the streets -- but my current faves are La Fourchette, FIG, Monza and Taco Boy. If you're feeling super-slurgy, McCrady's is the business. When we were in town for Kulture Klash we checked out a very new place, thanks to the Harrisons, called Amen Street Fish and Raw Bar. Fresh seafood = delish.

In summary, I sincerely thank you, Charleston, for being just two hours away. And I'm sorry, Columbia, but our proximity to a city like that is indeed a bonus.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Shopping For A New Mobile Phone

The Refresh Columbia peeps informed me last week I should get a Droid Phone. In addition to the fact that I love the name, it seems comparable, if not "better" than the iPhone. So I believe it is decided that if I can find one for sale in Columbia, I will be switching providers and buying a new phone in exactly eleven days, and counting.

Check out this most helpful 'Total Cost of Ownership' table on a blog called Bill Shrink. Hello, how can you not love this resource? This is the tops.

Motorola Droid vs iPhone 3GS vs Palm Pre

Find the best cell phone plans and more graphics at BillShrink.com

Friday, October 30, 2009

French Bulldog Friday

It's a new tradition based on an idea I had a million years ago when two different friends emailed me photos of Frenchies in the same week: French Bulldog Friday! If you have a Frenchie, or have seen one on the street and snapped a shot, please share your photo here.

A Boston-based little pup

Two NYers getting some sun

Off leash waiting at the light with its owner = good dog.

Look at that grin!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

How I Pimped My Ride

You may recall that a while ago I made a very big deal about the addition of bumper stickers to my sweet ride, Rubie (aka, Rubaroo). Well that was only in June, people. Since then, the Columbia, SC sun has BURNED THE HEART OFF MY 'I LOVE NY' BUMPER STICKER. Oh, sweet irony.

So for about a month I've been driving around like this - I BLANK NY:

Thankfully I have a very artistic friend, Larry Thacker, who I have commissioned to create a mini-mural on the bumper of my car. Hey, if they can emblazon palmetto trees all over the place, I can certainly pimp my ride. Here are the first stages of my customobile:

Now I triple-heart New York, so there!

In all seriousness, when I was in NYC last month I was really struck by how many people actually wear the I Heart NY t shirt. I guess there are plenty of New Yorkers who are crazy mad into their city as much as the folks here who emblazon their cars with flip flops and palmetto tree/crescent moon stickers. Touche, yo, touche.

Monday, October 12, 2009

She's Got Legs

Dear Caroline,

It's getting cold out, so do you have any recommendations for good tights? I'm also wondering if leggings are appropriate for a 35 year-old.


Chilly in the City

My dearest Chilly,

Ma chere! You help me realize I haven't worn tights more than twice in the past two years. I am sad and grateful at the same time. We call this mixed emotions.

But my thoughtful nonsense doesn't answer your questions. In my earlier years, my two absolute favorite brands for tights were DKNY and Nine West. Always look for opaque and for me, the thicker the better. Check out these photos of fun colorful DKNY tights currently for sale on Nordstrom.com. >

Hey lovely readers -- if you have any other fave brands for our friend, Chilly, kindly share them via commenting.

And now onto the leggings question. When leggings were all the rage, they were ridiculously trendy. It is my opinion that they are now like any other clothing staple: jeans, white tank tops, black cardigans, etc. Especially now that the 80s are so hot (still). Just take a look at the Ready-to-Wear Fall Winter 2009 line from our savior, Marc Jacobs. It features leggings (not to mention tights, black tights!) on the runway. The leggings are indeed more like body stockings, but hey, a body stocking ends up looking like leggings on the legs, no?

Check out these hot little velvet leggings from Victoria's Secret (Caroline's Secret: while I hate Vickie's bras, I like her catalog/website for affordable clothing). >

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Own Private Project Runway (And The Rest Of It)

Well cutie pies, it's been quite a couple of weeks. Let me start from the most recent and move back in time.

Today I was in Publix at the deli counter and you know how they're so charming and if, for example, you order a 1/2 pound of swiss cheese they cut the first slice and bring it to you on a sheet of plastic and ask you if the thickness is ok and no matter how you respond, they ask if you want to try the slice? Well today not only did I say, "no thank you," but I also asked them to slice the slices thinner (probably the first time ever). Guess what the girl behind the counter did in response? She THREW OUT that first slice! I saw her kind of throw it down but I thought she put it on the counter or something so I said "oh but you can add that first slice to the weight, no worries" but she said she had already thrown it out. WTF? Are we not in a recession? Are there not people who could eat that cheese, namely me? Ay dios mio.

I headed over to Publix after I went to see the movie, The Time Traveler's Wife. People, I read this book twice I liked it so much, and the movie wasn't too bad except for the fact that my beloved girl-crush, Rachel McAdams, fell short in the roll. One element that I will say stayed so close to my mind's eye was the color and tone of the movie. Maybe I should be a director of photography?

Or maybe I should be a handbag designer? Either way it's a little far fetched, I know, but after my experience with Nana by Sally, I felt like I could at least try out for the next Project Runway. Here's the sitch: During a trip to NYC in March, I popped into Mood for the first time ever. It's no wonder that store has gotten so much play on TV: everyone there is really quite nice and they run a tight, knowledgeable ship.

As many of you know, Sally traditionally works in fabric only, but she and I had been talking and we agreed that if I purchased some soft leather, she'd be willing to give it a try. Well check out the two beauties Sally created with the two hides I bought at Mood -- the clutch is her signature "Sophie" design and the bag is a new design that has been named *ahem* "Cerelle."

Isn't the "Cerelle" totally mod? It's very color-blocked, yes? The bottom is a very light grey suede and the clutch is a light beige buttery-rific leather with a funky beige, gold and black fabric interior. If you don't yet have a Nana by Sally bag, I ask you the simple question, why?

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Gift of Anonymity in New York

I am now back on the freelance worker train and as such, have had the flexibility to come to New York for a week. There are, of course, a million things I miss about the city (like the way peeps pronounce the word "always." It sounds like "oh-ways"). But mostly it's the anonymity it affords its inhabitants.

I loved this article in the NYTimes called, "Reading Underground" mainly for this quotation from a woman who was interviewed for the piece: “Although you're surrounded by people, the anonymity is really forgiving." I find something sad and beautiful in that brief comment -- it perfectly explains one of the strongest qualities of New York life.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Step Up & Step Out = Best of All Worlds

I am crazy excited about this event that's coming up on September 26, 2009 in NYC -- it's called Step Up & Step Out and it's all about SHOES! What's more, it's a benefit for the Step Up Women's Network, which is all about women using their networks to help other women, teenagers and girls.

Hello! Women helping women, leveraging communities, empowering teenagers, women's health issues>? Yes, love. What's more...shoes! It's pure genius and I am so thankful to be able to head back to the city for this shindig.

Check out the brunch or just the sale. You can buy tickets here.

Generous = fabulous.

Monday, September 07, 2009

From the Trenches: Labor Day in CT & NYC

I can't think of a better way to spend Labor Day weekend than to come to NYC, shoot out to Camp Sloane for a reunion weekend, then come back to the city to enjoy a local Eat-In as well as catching up with friends, culture and fashion!

Here's the gist of it:

- Camp never changes! The numbers of campers can expand and contract, the popular activities can evolve, the rules for counselors can become more "strict," but C-a-m-p-S-l-o-a-n-e is still one of greatest places on earth.

- Short shorts with hard-backed (i.e. covering the back of the heel) gladiator sandals and longish, billowy shirts (with the occasional summer scarf) are hot hot hot. Everyone's wearing this in the final warm-weather days.

- DBGB is a nice new addition to the Bowery (warning, the site loads with music playing).

- There's a Hayden Harnett in Manhattan now on Elizabeth Street. That's a fairly recent addition, right? Also in that area is a Vince. Oh how I covet thee, Vince...and in related news, thanks to our current economy, everyone working in a store was nice to me. There were no bitches>?! Crazy, right?

- If you're an entrepreneur, or supporter of people who run small/start-up businesses, you need to join this movement> Build A Stronger America!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Southern Women, Part II

Check out these hotties I was hanging with last night. Is this a cute-fest, or what? Hello - look at those dresses. And the pin in CC's hair? Love.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Southern Women Email FWD

With all the hoopla and rigmarole in the online marketing world surrounding social media, there's still so much to be said about good, old-fashioned email. First of all, it's the tool Facebook uses to maintain the stickiness of its site. Secondly, email forwards are still very much alive and well.

I normally read the FWDs I receive, have a chuckle or roll my eyes, and then hit delete. However I got one this week from AC in NYC (aka, "Sweetie Darling") with the subject line, Southern Women, and I had to share some highlights with you, my dears, because y'all know what's up, and I'm still fixin' to know what's up.

I dedicate this fondly to the wonderful women I've met and befriended down here in South Coca.


Southern women have a distinct way with fond expressions:
"Y'all come back!"
"Well, bless your heart."
"Drop by when you can."
"How's your Momma?"

Southern women know their summer weather report

Southern women know their vacation spots:
The beach
The rivuh
The crick

Southern women know the joys of June, July, and August:
Colorful hi-heel sandals
Strapless sun dresses
Iced sweet tea with mint

Southern women know everybody's first name:

Southern women know their cities dripping with Southern charm:
Foat Wuth

Only a Southerner knows the difference between a hissie fit and a conniption fit, and that you don't "HAVE" them, you "PITCH" them.

Only a Southerner both knows and understands the difference between a redneck, a good ol' boy, and po' white trash.

No true Southerner would ever assume that the car with the flashing turn signal is actually going to make a turn.

Put 100 Southerners in a room and half of them will discover they're related, even if only by marriage.

In the South, y'all is singular, all y'all is plural.

And a true Southerner knows you don't scream obscenities at little old ladies who drive 30 MPH on the freeway. You just say,"Bless her heart" ... and go your own way.

Excerpt from an email forward. Source unknown.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Celebrating Real Food, Fashionably

I am quite proud of a volunteer effort I started with a group of people right after I moved to town -- Slow Food Columbia, a local chapter of the national non-profit organization Slow Food USA that supports good, clean and fair food.

We've held two fabulous fundraising events at Terra Restaurant, my favorite restaurant in this city, partnered with the University (on workshops and soon the come, the farmers market) and the All-Local Farmers Market, and hosted food tastings and potlucks. Recently, an article ran in The State paper, our local pub, about Slow Food Columbia with a big ol' photo of me in front of the All-Local Farmers Market sign. I was both proud and embarrassed, but mainly happy for the PR it gave our chapter.

But my real claim to fame in relation to Slow Food Columbia came a day after the big event at Terra, and it was this: The Shop Tart blogged about my outfit! Full disclosure (and as you will note if you read her post): we have the same dress. But she liked my belt! This is my own personal favorite 15 minutes of fame, people!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


What do we want? Graphic tees! When do we want 'em? NOW!

Seriously, who doesn't love a graphic Tshirt? Most of us have at least three in our wardrobe, if not more if we're of the Indie/Emo persuasion.

So there's this website called Threadless that all the cool kids I work with really like. It's a "community-based tee shirt company," as it notes on the homepage, where as a designer you can submit your design for vote by the general public. If your design wins one of their ongoing competitions, your Tshirt is sold on the site -- Threadless gets a cut of sales and you get a flat fee. Neato, right?

I dare you not to lose hours on this site searching for your favorite funny/ironical shirt. And while you're at it, vote for my colleagues' idea>

It's  A Mystery... - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

You get it, right?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monkey as Muse

Monkey my dog has inspired some of the most genius, creative people to write a song and put a slideshow to said song. I don't really know what to say except that this is the best thing ever.

Song by Casey Kundert
Photos by Ryan Cockrell and Elizabeth Lloyd
Produced by Ryan Cockrell

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How We Got Punk'd by Chase Mortgage Lending

Recently our mortgage payments went up slightly based on some deal with the PMI. When we - my husband and I - attempted to log into our online account in order to alter the automatic deposit, all hell broke loose. In a nutshell, we are now waiting for Chase to fix its website so that we can pay them. EJ has been on the phone with Chase at least three times now and was informed that the issue affects at least 150,000 people but (a) Chase doesn't know when the glitch will be fixed and (b) it can't notify us when the issue does indeed get fixed. Of course EJ's natural response was, "don't you want my money?"

Well no, the answer is that Chase would rather charge us a late fee for something that is their responsibility to fix. You'd think, with so much drama surrounding the mortgage crisis in general, Chase would be more organized about this website-payment glitch, but I guess 150K customers is a drop in the bucket?

Being a first-time home owner (and house-dweller, btw), I'm not sure really what my next move could be. As consumers, we're pretty much locked into Chase because of the rate - to switch now would mean we'd have to alter rates, right?

Mortgages, health care -- bla! Shelter and good health are fundamental and they've got us by the throats on both fronts.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Palmetto Candy Company

GeoTagged, [N34.00034, E81.01668]

When you need a snack or a drink during the work day and you work in the Vista, Palmetto Candy Company is the place to go. I got these 2 snacks for a total of $0.80! The animal crackers have high frutose corn syrup, which is bad, but I'm sure the trail mix will balance out the health factor.

Palmetto is also well known for its bulk candy, cartons of smokes and containers of pickled eggs/pigs feet. It's the last remaining corner store in the Vista so go give them some love!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Calvin Klein Underwear

I could blog about tubing down the Saluda on the 4th of July -- a day which ultimately culminated in our neighbor bitching us out for setting off fireworks -- or I could tell you about the fun-filled weekend I just had in Myrtle (Surfside, really), but instead I have the most important matter to discuss: Calvin Klein underwear.

So there's a type of underwear, underpants really, that Calvin Klein used to make that it seems is no longer in production. They're basic bikini with an elastic that's strong, but not too strong (meaning tight). Apparently what's making them so appealing is that they're not cotton, but 95% modal, which I'm hoping means "as safe and as good for you as cotton."

Could it be that Calvin Klein found modal to be too expensive? Did they get into a fight over cost with the primary supplier of the fabric? I am hoping it is something as innocuous as these issues rather than a discovery that modal is poisonous.

When you find your favorite underwear, or panties (!yucko word!), it is not AT ALL the kind of product you want the company to stop making. Even shampoo which is so particular to the way I look is something I can ultimately replace. I have been looking for new underwear for about a year now and thus far, to no avail.

I ask you, dear reader, any recos? Please share your comments!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Surf Rumble 2009

The crew
Originally uploaded by cccphotos
First there was Tom and Jerry.

Then there was Sharks and Jets.

And then there was Macho Beach Noseriders and Columbia Kook Squad!

This past weekend we had an absolute blast when the Macho Beach Noseriders hosted the Columbia Kook Squad (CKS) for an all out rumble! The two surf clubs competed in board-paddling relays, paddle-biking relays and tug-o-war. Though CKS was beat down, we did not go down without a fight. And then after the fight there was much good times to be had so who cares who won anyway?

Many thanks to the kings and queens of Folly for such a great time. The next round is indeed on us.

Check out the full line up on Flickr.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cupcake Coming to Columbia

I just chatted with a woman - I think it was the owner - bringing tables into the soon-to-be Cupcake on Lincoln Street in the Vista (specifically between Lady and Gervais Streets). She said they'll be opening up some time in July. Hooray!

Here's an excerpt from the Cupcake website that inspires hope:

"Kristin [Kuhlke - Cupcake founder] tells her story this way: A year, a month, a week and a day. That's how this all began. That's the amount of time I lived in New York City. I moved up there looking for an adventure—after 10 years in Charleston, South Carolina—and I found it. I found so much more. I found answers to questions I thought did not have answers. I also found inspiration..."

So not only will we be getting a cupcake place which is something we do not yet have in Columbia (i.e. not another wings joint) but it might also have an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Dare to dream!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cosmetics Aisle at Target

It's not like y'all need help shopping at Target BUT just in case there are a few stragglers, here goes.

Have you been checking out the cosmetic aisles recently? Hello - they're selling Kiehl's (yes, you heard me right...of course the Target in Woodhill Mall seems to have run out and not replenished its inventory recently, but it was there at one point), Origins and Clarins. Wha?! Hooray, I know - I snagged the Kiehl's pineapple and papaya facial scrub as soon as I spied it about a month ago.

Having had such great luck in such an unfrequented aisle, when I went back last weekend I figured I should take another gander. Indeed I spied some magical numbers in the Sonia Kashuk section. This is a weekender I really didn't need, but coveted:

I also loved this wee clutch, so I dragged her home with me:


I'm not much of a makeup gal, but I love to peer over the rows of lotions and potions. Now that there's gear along with the makeup, I'm sold.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sample Sales in NYC

Phooey that I don't have a private jet to scurry up to New York and hit these sample sales. If you're there, please go in my honor - and in your honor - and then comment about whether or not they were worth it. I need to live vicariously through you, my dears.


What: Diptyque
Why: Forty to 90 percent off deluxe candles, perfume, and body washes.
When: June 18 & 19. Thurs., 9:30 a.m.-6 p.m.; Fri., 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
Where: 11 E. 26th St., b/t Madison & Fifth Aves., ste. 600.

What: Generra
Why: Slub cotton V-necks and polos for guys are $30-$35. Cotton tanks and racers for ladies are $15. Tops and dresses are up to 60 percent off.
When: June 17-19. Wed.-Fri., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
Where: 275 W. 39th St., b/t Seventh & Eighth Aves., 5a (212-768-2868).

What: Catherine Malandrino
Why: Spring and vintage items are 80-90 percent off retail. Dresses are $125 (reg. $495-$695). Skirts and pants are $60 (reg. $345-$495).
When: June 17-19. Wed., 10 a.m.-9 p.m.; Thurs. & Fri., 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
Where: Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th St., b/t Sixth & Seventh Aves., 4th flr.

What: Shoshanna and Anlo
Why: Up to 75 percent off swimwear and dresses. Up to 70 percent off denim shorts and skinny jeans.
When: June 17 & 18. Wed., 10 a.m.-6:30 p.m.; Thurs., 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Where: 231 W. 39th St., b/t Seventh & Eighth Aves., ste. 422 (212-719-3601).

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Movie Nite, Columbia, SC

Here's one of the many things I love about living in the South: movie night out on the front porch! Here we all are on the Thackers porch -and yes, it is Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


When you need a city* fix and can't commit to driving to Charleston, it's best to hit 77 North and go to Charlotte, NC for the day. EJ and I headed out there yesterday for a lunch-and-learn conference. After a couple of client calls we were free to roam the downtown area. Though Google Maps (i.e. our combined ability to properly read Google Maps) failed us once again in terms of getting us to our intended location - Las Ramblas restaurant - it did afford us the opportunity to walk up and down Tryon getting a better sense of the location of popular museums (Mint, McColl) and most importantly for you, my dear shopping-focused readers, the location of Heels.com. Check out that website! How bummed was I to walk by the showroom/distribution center only to realize it's mainly an online retailer and in order to shop in the store I needed to have made an appointment. Next time, Heels.com, next time!

There's a new museum being built on Tryon Street across from Ratcliffe on The Green (which as you may recall I've mentioned in a previous post about shopping in Charlotte) that I thought was striking so I snapped a shot - check out that orange.

After we got a firm handle on what Tryon has to offer, we hopped in our car and drove over to Las Ramblas Cafe. With a name like "Las Ramblas" - a big street that runs through the heart of Barcelona - you better deliver. While the location right next to a Tuesday Morning leaves something to be desired, the interior decor is impressive enough to give you hope. The open kitchen boasts a big brick oven, there are tall bar tables for more casual dining next to the kitchen and bar, and regular tables for more formal seating on the periphery of the space. We took one glance through the menu, however, and were once again skeptical. Mozzarella and tomato salads are not Spanish, and Pan con Tomate was nowhere to be found.

But rather than leaving, we ordered a bottle of Albarino and the following tapas: Artichoke Cakes, Jamon, Manchego, Olives, Patatas Bravas, Gazpacho and Boquerones. Three cheers to everything we ate! It was indeed wonderful. Here's a shot of EJ with the Boquerones dish - great presentation, cierto? (And by the way, don't you just love the word "boquerones?" It's almost as great as "butifarra.")

*Note my definition of "city" here is a city where people walk the streets and there are plenty of sidewalks and shops, restaurants, museums, etc. to accommodate.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

How the South Is Trying To Get Me Fat

1.) It's 90 degrees outside and it's only June 9

2.) The local lunch place put mayo on my chicken salad sandwich (yes, that's in addition to the mayo that is a key ingredient in chicken salad)

3.) Few sidewalks and no walking culture

4.) Five Guys Burgers and Fries

5.) Did I mention how hot it is outside?

Monday, June 08, 2009

Summer Camp

It could be because the school year has come to a close, or it could just be the warm weather, but every year around this time I get nostalgic for summer camp. I was a camper for five years and a counselor for two years at Camp Sloane in Lakeville, CT. Every so often people will ask me if I was ever a camp counselor and I proudly reply in the affirmative. Apparently the character traits stay with you (the last time I was asked was in a trade show booth in response to my peppy attitude after having repeated basically the same sales pitch for hours upon hours).

As an adult, there is an unspoken - or in many cases acknowledged and spoken - bond among people who at one time were summer camp counselors. I've grown closer with people in the workplace after connecting about our mutual love of camp. It's got to be something special when a group of people write a (hysterical!) book about it called Camp Camp.

But camp is most especially special to me because it's where I met my husband. Most of you have heard this story, so please bare with me as a recount the series of events for our not-yet-in-the-know readers. EJ and I were just pals at camp. In fact, I think we dated just about everyone else in our mutual circle of friends except each other. He smoked back then. We kept in touch for a while in and after college, but life sent him to Spain and me back to NYC and we ultimately lost touch. Then in 2001 he moved to my hometown and we ended up living about 4 blocks from each other. Once we ran into each other, the rest was history.

We're planning a trip back to camp at the end of the summer for the annual family camp/reunion weekend so it's down memory lane we go. And where does an intergeek turn to take that stroll? The Facebook of course, where there are about 4 groups devoted to our beloved camp - at least 2 of which are regularly updated. But tonight, browsing through hundreds of photos of people I don't know wasn't enough. I took the plunge and scanned and uploaded just under 20 photos of my own.

I'm sitting here now peering at these photos and thinking about what a wonderful time in my life that was. I don't know the numbers of kids going to summer camp these days, but knowing that children are increasingly more sheltered and attended to by their parents worries me that the value of summer camp has changed dramatically. Let me share with you the importance of summer camp and then I will get off my soapbox. If you want to instill any of the following values and character traits in your children, summer camp is the way to do it: friendship, independence, teamwork, time management, creativity, campfire-building, lanyard-weaving, the butterfly stroke, singing, kick-balling, horseback riding and archery.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Things I Never Thought I'd Do

There are a couple of things I've done recently that I never thought I'd do. No, they aren't salacious or diabolical - they are both appearance-related.

The first one is wear a piece of apparel by the dreaded retail brand Juicy Couture. I'm not young, I don't wear my ponytail on the side of my head except in jest in the privacy of my own house and I haven't owned a pair of Ugg(ly)s in years. But KH and I found a funky pair of orange flip flopesque patent leather sandals by the one and only Juicy at the end of the summer season last year and they were too cheap to pass up (under $20 at Monkees in Greenville - hello!). So I've taken the plunge and wore them yesterday with white jeans and a royal blue tank and received two compliments, thank you very mucho.

Here's a shot of the shoe with Munks looking puzzled. How great is the orange with the dark grey toe polish?!

The other one is a bit more devastating considering the comments I've made about the culture of stickers on cars here in South Cakalackee. But before you totally give up on me (and this message is mainly for my Northern friends), please understand how this collection of stickers I've decided to affix to my car is meant to not only represent my volunteer efforts, but also be a slight jab to all of the "Carolina Girl" and Palmetto-Tree-with-crescent-moon stickers you see ALL OVER TOWN.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Columbia's Crafty Feast Was a Big Hit!

I am very excited to report about Crafty Feast, the indie craft festival that happened in conjunction with the Eau Claire Ribs & Renaissance Festival (apparently a yearly occasion) this past weekend.

With a whopping 50 vendors, this festival delivered BIG TIME. Everyone was under one tent. I attended the Feast with my pals CS and JH. Once we had hooked ourselves up with some beers and a burger (yikes that line was so long!) we were properly equipped to shop. I decided that I was going to do one lap of the entire tent before diving into purchase mode. Here's the damage:

1) Snitches Get Stitches - how can you resist a tagline that reads, "We Make. You Buy. No one gets hurt."? The answer is, you can't. At least, I couldn't and that's why I snagged the following two cuties.

No, I have never been to a rave nor have I done ecstasy, but I did go through a hippy phase and it is for this reason I gave this necklace the moniker Hippy Trippy. Yes, that is glitter and a mushroom all in one pendant.

The resin-encased mushroom wonderland came dangling on one of those keychain/ball-based chains. I switched it to the silver chain you see in the above photo, then made the mistake of asking my husband if he liked it better on the new chain. He gave me his classic look and responded, "I don't like mushrooms used in art." Thankfully, he was a fan of the other item I snagged from Snitches, this Tim Burton-esque skull ring.

After SGS, I strolled (read: plowed) over to Token Emotion. I loved the name and the aesthetic of this Charlotte-soon-to-relocate-to-Asheville-based designer. She had linens, jewelry, stationary, china, etc. I got a set of 4 beautiful bird-printed napkins. I would have also purchased a silver flower ring, but it wasn't available in the right size.

I wrapped up the spending spree with The Small Object (check out that website - enuff said, right?). Here's a photo from The SO's website of the stickers I got. Don't ask me if I need stickers, the answer in this case is a resounding, "YES!"

Meanwhile CS did exceptionally well with a fabulous oxidized silver necklace from BEC Metalwork and perfect earrings from Heather someone who has pieces at Blue Sky Studio. And after much deliberation/thoughtfulness, JH got a couple of gifts for his sweetie who hopefully doesn't read my blog religiously.

It was a wonderful day. I felt the same way I had when I attended the first Runaway Runway last year -- thrilled by what can happen when creative, determined minds motivate in Columbia (three BIG cheers to the Crafty Feast organizer, Debi Schadel) and excited about the future of our small-but-growing town.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beguiling Burgundy

Dear Caroline's Closet,

I am going to a wedding this weekend and I got a fabu cocktail dress at the BCBG outlet to wear to the event.

Now the only problem is my dress is burgundy and I don't know what shoes go with?

Please help!

- Confused in CT

Dearest Confused,

Connecticut can be most confusing indeed this time of year -- 60s/70s F during the day, then down to 50s/40s in the evening! Meanwhile, it's nearly June. The best thing you can do is err on the side of Spring-into-Summer dress code.

You are most generous for sharing your shoe selection so that we don't have to "fly blind" on our recommendations.

I vote for the second from the left - what seems to be a peachy gold; a look I find most appropriate for this time of year. If this were a Fall/Winter wedding, I would recommend the shoe on the right - the deep gold is more Autumnal.

In summary, play up the purple in the Burgundy with the peach in the shoes: that's a totally 80s combo which is therefore TA (totally awesome).

Yours in solidarity...and sisterhood,


Not So Ga Ga for Gossip Girl

Ok, I have to admit - I don't get the Gossip Girl phenom? I finally sat down and watched an episode this week and it seemed like One Tree Hill/Dawson's Creek but at private school. Supposedly the school these girls go to is my alma mater or another similar school (and we've all got our knickers in a twist, pun intended, about the recent coverage from a fellow classmate and friend who now lives in the UK), but I think the show is as much a representation of the all-girls private school experience as Dawson's Creek was about a high school in the burbs (it was about a high school in the burbs, right?!).

Don't get me wrong, I think it's fun to see bitchy characters and fabulous clothing, but the one episode I watched did not hook me...and yes, I am hoping this will spark some lively commenting from all you GG fans.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Mani Side of Mani/Pedi Season

In my last post about mani/pedi season, I had only two pedis featured - no manis. Well this hot Boston-based mani was just emailed over to me from KH. Light lavender on the fingers? That's what I call one HOT mani!

Further to my last post about Belk, CC set the record straight with her comment about Belk and shoes -- more hit or miss than a guarantee. Ok, that sounds more like it. Nonetheless, she got those hot little numbers at Belk! That in and of itself is news, yo.

Finally, are you noting the purple trend here, my dear reader?

Monday, May 04, 2009

Mani/Pedi Season!

I am very happy to officially celebrate mani/pedi season. I got my first one last week after KH found the grey nail polish I had been searching for! Check it out - I'd still like to find a lighter grey for my hands, but in the meantime I am loving this for zee feet.

And check out this little color combo CC (not me, I have a friend w/ the same initials) was sporting on Saturday. It's an orangey-coral-pinkish with purple sandals. Hot! And how cool are those sandals, right? Would you believe it when I tell you they're from Belk...the Belk at the Richland Fashion Mall?! Well it's all true. What I like most about these little numbers is that they sport the in-style fringe but they're on a flat sandal, not a super-stacked heel. Apparently they're part of the Kristen Davis collection - kudos to Kristen on the shoes. Not so much on the clothing line.

So the word among the group on Saturday is that the Belk has good shoes. Hmmm, TBD, my friends, TBD. I shall investigate soon and report back.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great Restaurant in ATL Airport!

On my layover to Boston I decided to treat myself to a good lunch. The restaurant One Flew South in terminal E had the exact aesthetic to which, apparently, I am drawn: light wood ceiling, big photo of a forest behind the sushi bar and round silvertoned light fixtures.

The food seriously delivered! I had a frizzy salad with Benton Farm bacon followed by this crazy, wackadoo good duck confit sammich.

The best thing about the restaurant? Everything but the seafood is from no more than 100 miles away. Done and done. To all my pals in ATL propa - if you're feeling 1950s-esque, drive out to the airport and have yourselves a fine meal! The manager says that if the airport locale is a success, they're thinking about opening an offshoot in midtown.

Lastly, here's a shot of the sandwich w/ sushi bar in background. Mouth-watering, no?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Most Miserable Macy's

It's the Columbia, SC Macy's, people. It has virtually no name brands - the most notable shoes are BCBGirls, Nine West and maybe sometimes Sam Edelman; as for women's apparel, it's INC or nothing; finally, for handbags it's Dooney & Burkey or a plastic purse.

It's so infuriating! The worst part about it is that I've been more than once because a certain family member keeps presenting me with gift certificates to Macy's as holiday gifts. Don't get me wrong - in this economy, I am not complaining, but why must every department store in our city be so bunk?

My solution to this dilemma was to go to the original Macy's when in NYC last week. Oh joy! To be honest (or should I simply say, "Listen!"?), the NYC Macy's is such mayhem it's hard to commit to shopping there. Still, it has to be done because they carry decent as well as above-decent lines. I scored a sweet, bright red, short-sleeved Anna Sui top (sorry, can't find a photo of it online). Success amidst slow-moving tourists.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's Hot in Columbia: Twilight

I am not joking when I tell you I saw a Twilight car sticker on a car outside of the vet's office yesterday evening. We all know the book series/movie is H-O-T hot, but nothing is truly accepted as a part of our SC culture until it has been made into a car sticker.

Move over...

- Monograms
- Flip flops
- Colleges
- Palmetto trees
- Anything shaped like a Palmetto tree and moon sliver (golf ball on tee, martini glass, rooster's claw, etc.)
- Carolina girls
- Georgia girls
- Natives

...there's a new sheriff in town.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Go Out Gear or the Day-to-Day Basics?

Times is tough - we all know it, and I've certainly been blogging about it. So tonight as I was washing the dishes, I had another e-piphany about a poll for my readership. Here goes, my dearests:

Knowing that you can't spend as much this year on apparel and accessories as you did last year, for what are you saving your shopping sprees?

(1) "Go Out Gear," aka, clothing to wear to cocktail receptions, museum openings, bars, clubs, late nights, birthday parties, evening fundraisers, weddings, galas, dinners at faboo restaurants, etc.

(2) "Day-to-Day Basics," aka, casual work environment, weekend brunch, shopping, afternoon cocktails, flea marketing, poetry readings, block parties, book festivals, your kids' soccer games, etc.

Please post your comments and let us know! I value the day-to-day much more than the fancy, so that's what I'll be saving much duckets for this year.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

More Fashion Ideas on a Shoestring Budget

Further to my latest posting, I think we're all crying out for MORE tips and tricks on how to remain fashionable (and therefore, fabulous) despite the state of our national/global economy.

1.) Make your own clothes. In December, at the She's Geeky conference in NYC, I was privileged enough to meet the co-founder of BurdaStyle, an open source sewing website. What's that, you say? Oh, it's a site where people not only share sewing patterns, they share their different takes on sewing patterns. Genius, right? Open source isn't just for software, peeps.

2.) Order more affordable options at your favorite restaurant. Now I know this one is tricky because believe you me, all I need is two glasses of buttery Chardonnay (read: Prosecco) at my favorite restaurant, Terra, and all of a sudden my intention to order light flies out the window. But at Terra, it's possible to sit at the bar, order an app and a pizza (the Prosciutto option is my absolute fave) and still save room in the budget for a glass or two of the good stuff!

3.) Go to free art openings and events. What better way to score a free glass of buttery Chardonnay (read: buttery Chardonnay)?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Five Fashion Ideas for a Bum Economy

It's hard out there for a pimp! Here are my five latest and greatest to hopefully get you through this rough patch.

1.) Get your shoes resoled: if you're like me and you own a lot of shoes and you walk hard in them, you might find you've quickly gone down to the nailhead in the heels of a few of your favorite pairs. We all know this is because unless they are a luxe shoe brand, women's shoes are made to decompose at a more rapid clip than men's shoes. For a fraction of the cost of buying a new pair, you can get your lovable old shoes resoled and feel like new because the cobbler will shine them too!

2.) Ditto on leather handbags: sometimes the stitching in a leather bag will fray to the point at which you don't want to use it anymore. A shoe repair person who wants the business can help you with the fix.

3.) I sweat. A lot. In an attempt to not get too graphic, this means I go through a lot of white shirts. I recently found a formula online of 1/3 baking soda, 1/3 water and 1/3 hydrogen peroxide for removing those yucko shirt stains. You have to scrub very hard and can therefore irritate your hands if you don't wear plastic gloves, but it was worth it for me when I reclaimed about 8 shirts I had previously given up on!

4.) There's a lot in your closet you bought last year that you don't wear. Hey, come on now...admit it! If you can't wait until next year's tax break to realize the benefit of donating your old duds, take them to Revente in Five Points and see if maybe they'll work on consignment there. The last mess of clothing and handbags I left yielded $156. The grooviest part is that, similar to Beacon's Closet in NYC, you can use your credit towards shopping for other items at the store.

5.) If you still need a "spend money" fix after all of this, then keep it on the cheap and go check out the Orla Kiely for Target housewares line in stores right now. Her iconic pear print is used on tablecloths, seat cushions, place mats, kitchen towels, etc.

Keep an eye out for more tips coming soon!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

21c in Louisville KY

This is a quick post to let you all know about the absolute coolest hotel I've ever been to - 21c Hotel - which is actually a museum, a hotel and a fabulous restaurant all in one in Louisville, KY. It's pure brilliant genius and apparently something that the owners are aiming to develop in cities around the country (maybe world?).

Some of the pieces in the museum space are so cutting edge it's a shame that I have to use that played-out term to describe them. The restaurant highlights LOCAL food when possible/available and the bartenders are super nice, friendly and knowledgeable. I really and truly can't say enough good things about this groovy place. If you're heading to the Ville, be sure to get yourself over there!

I was in town for a conference and was also able to find the mint-flavored Maker's Mark which, in my experience, is ONLY available in Kentucky. Pretty exclusive stuff - you picking up what I'm laying down?

More to come. Over and out.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Somewhere in Toledo...

...a teenage girl is wearing the same tights as I am because we both bought them at Target. Harumph.

That's my thought for the day, and I know it's so brief I should have Twittered it, but I don't have the Twitter app.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Winning the Academy Awards Betting Pools

So how many of you out there are now frantically watching everything possible in order to win the betting pool this year? Times are tough, yo, so go ahead and spend $100 to win it back!

In an effort to do well this year when we attend the Nick's Oscar Night Party, EJ and I went to see Revolutionary Road today. Yeesh! Spoiler alert - this one is a heavy downer to anyone who is married and/or lives in the suburbs.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I Walked Home Last Night From Work, And I Liked It!

Most people in Columbia drive. In fact, I walked home last night after work with Monkey because EJ and I had driven in together in the morning and he left with the car to go to "band practice" and I saw only one other person walking...and we live about 13 blocks away from the office (AND note that some of these "blocks" are much longer than NYC or Boston blocks). We're not a walking city, but we really need to be. In order for us to get the retail I know many of us want to see in Columbia (J.Crew + any kind of store on Main Street), we are going to have to be willing to walk. In this case, I am using walking as a catch-all for many things were are going to have to be willing to do: work hard, push our city (and state) to have a competitive advantage - both economically and from an education perspective - use our libraries, use the internet, support the arts, support local food producers, etc.

It's more than placing a likeness of our state flag on your car, house, or boat. It can certainly start there, but then I think you need to walk.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Not Going to Blog about The Golden Globe Outfits

Miley Cyrus looked too old, Miley Cyrus looked age-appropriate. Renee Zel looked crazy, Renee was the only one who took a real fashion risk. I'm normally into all the glitz and glam, but this year it just seems a bit ostentatious, don't you think?

Now let's focus on the deals:

Last week there was a Marc by Marc Jacobs sale on RueLaLa.com. Normally I'm not too into the inventory this site ends up getting, but I was intrigued by the sunglasses they had for $50.00 each. That was just a smidge too much dough, and I'm glad I passed because on Sunday I went to Marshall's to return some Seven Jeans that just weren't my dream pair and lo and behold - a pair of the sunnies I spied last week! What's more, they were $40.00, so really I saved $20.00 with the shipping and handling I didn't have to pay by buying them online.

These are the shades.

So go check out Marshall's right now because between the Seven Jeans I found in Delray Beach, and the sunnies I just found yesterday, they have some good deals. Then, bop over to Target (if you're in Columbia, I went to both stores in Harbison) and take advantage of the 30%-50% Clearance shoes. I got these royal blue booties for $20.00!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Resolution #1: Blog More

#2: Post photos online in a more timely manner

#3: Read the bookclub books more diligently

#4: Be more healthy (run more, yoga more, less wine, bla blee blue)

#5: Consume more non-internet marketing-related media (magazines of note: Seed Magazine, BUST Magazine and Garden & Gun)

#6: Motivate on the business plans

#7: Complain less, DO more (Slow Food Columbia; 701 Center for Contemporary Art)

#8: Get over the whole "I hate the phone" thing

#9: Take dance lessons with EJ

#10: Follow through