Friday, December 14, 2007

Shoes: Let's Get Em

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to visit my BFF KH in Baahston. It was, as they say, wicked awesome. I was able to get all of my holiday shopping done for the family and for myself - wow! - five new pairs of shoes. Look out, Kelly.

So check out these cute little numbers dear readers, and guess which two pairs cost only $20.00 each.

I have to call attention to these boots because my most faithful of readers will recall when I blogged about my beloved black boots that I finally had to dispose of after years of fashion fabulousness. Well it looks like these will be the wonderful replacements! The bad news is I'm not sure I'll be wearing boots in SC as much as I did in NYC. I guess these will have to be saved for visits back "up North."

I think this photo that KH sent me yesterday really says it all.