Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Discounts in the SC

I did some good, affordable damage this past weekend at Target and Rugged Wearhouse that I simply must share with all you skeptics out there.

Mind you, Rugged Wearhouse is not for the faint of "shopping" heart. I originally learned about this chain of stores from a friendly reader who mentioned she once purchased Paper Denim Cloth jeans here on the cheap. Well sign me up!

The racks are disorganized, the sales people indifferent and stuff is everywhere. I have to admit, even I was a little turned off at first. But after I spotted some Juicy C, Max Studio and the AT Loft on the cheap, I was hooked for a good hour. I ended up with an AT Loft skirt for $14.99, an AT Loft long-sleeved, black-and-white striped boatneck shirt for $9.99 and two Gap or possibly Old Navy tank tops for $2.99 each! Rugged Wearhouse in Columbia is on Forest Drive in the same shopping area as Sam's Club and Hobby Lobby.

Target treated me very right and these I must share with visuals as they are so easy to pull from the website!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Online Summer Sales

Where's a girl to get some good online shopping deals? Well, the women of South Carolina have asked and I shall answer.

Bluefly - I know, I know, I'm always hyping this site and it's always on the pricey side. But this time they are having a sale so I am taking it a step further with recommendations. This Sweet Pea top is tres adorable and seems perfect for summer, as does this BCBGirls white eyelet which is similar to a Calvin Klein shirt I got in MA with KH and I wear all the time. Very spring to summer.

Kennedy & Kate
What and who? Have you heard of this site before? Me neither until I Googled one of my favorite brands, Mon Petit Oiseau. Hello! Check out the deal for this light blue tunic top and this stripey skirt. But seriously, is this light blue with butterflies skirt for real? Apparently this is the online shop of a store in Seattle. Fine by me.

I know what you're going to say - this tends to be more for the Eileen Fisher crew. In fact it's owned by Talbots so why don't I just wear a skort and call it a day, right? Wrong. JJill is having a big 'ol sale so there's bound to be something that tickles your fancy. Take for example these Greco-Roman style sandals in champagne. They're only $30! Now these Ankle-strap black sandals are a little more pricey at $80, but they're so unique. Jewelry is the department where JJill seems to really get it (kudos to the jewelry buyer!). I love this open leather bracelet and hey, why not throw in this pearl and leather cord necklace to match?

Ok, I just picked out a full outfit (mixing and matching a few items, but nonetheless all the components of an outfit). Now get shopping!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Shopping with a Bang on 4th of July

There are a couple of things I am determined to accomplish this Summer (both resulting from 4th of July activities) -- standing up on a wakeboard and finding some other excuse to buy fireworks.

Fireworks are legal in South Carolina. This is to say: there are fireworks stores. Where they sell only fireworks. All year 'round. Am I getting through here?

MB and I ended up cruising over to the fireworks store at the end of the day on Wednesday because we realized at the last minute we had nothing to view. The guys really aren't fans of the out and out shows, so whatever Fort Jackson has to offer will have to remain a mystery to me until possibly next year (Fort Jackson is the local army base, it's not some kooky name I've come up with for something relating to my family). So out we go to Jim Casey's Discount Fireworks store.

I'm not really sure how to describe, in words, what this is all about but I shall try. There's a big red and white sign on the door that reads, "NO SMOKING." When you walk in there's a sheriff monitoring traffic (I believe this is for 4th of July only, and not on any given day of business) who makes sure you enter through the enter door and exit through another door. There are two-for-one deals so that two of the options we selected actually morphed into four. But most importantly, there are packages of fireworks selling for $425.

We were shopping next to a mother, father and 3 year-old daughter. In a very motherly tone, the woman asked her child, "do you want to see a bunch of sparkle honey or hear a lot of noise?" The guy behind me on line to pay bought more than $90 in fireworks.

So here is something I purchased yesterday that I just couldn't part with until I shared it with y'all. It's a bang snap chicken.

And best of all - check out the price and the instructions.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is a very popular dish here in Cola (um, that's slang for Columbia, btw). Just about every restaurant has a chicken salad plate and/or sandwich on its menu. A croissant is my bread of choice for the sammich option. I've been sampling a bunch and thus far my favorite is at Birds on a Wire. Most people prefer the chicken salad at Gourmet Shop, but I think I prefer Adriana's over Gourmet Shop's.

Yep, it's true - it's a posting about chicken salad. But the reality here is that the weather is hot and chicken salad is a nice cool dish. I always wanted to eat good chicken salad, and here I can. Add in a sweet tea and I am hooked.

Ok well if that riventing report didn't make you want to eat, my colleague's blog, eating in, definitely will. Are those amazing photos of food or what?!