Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shopping to Look Forward To

This is investigative journalism at its finest, people.

Sonia Rykiel has a line coming to H&M You can read more about this on the H&M webiste. Do you think there will be anything left when I head over in March? I know, unlikely. Well Northern friends, think of me if you happen to cruise in there and spot something in the line that's to die for.

2G's Annual Warehouse Sale Now I've never been in this store because, frankly, its painted sign isn't inviting and they put too much stuff out on the street. But DS works with the store and she's just posted to Facebook the fact that they are having a sale starting on Thursday in which all clothing is 70% off. I will, once and for all, go and check this sale out.

iPad You know the hype, so I don't have to go to great lengths here, I don't think, but yes, I've pretty much convinced myself that I should get one. It's the in-between gadget, yo! (Note to self: Also go to Verizon store this week and complain about phone calls sounding like I am in a tunnel. Seriously, this is dumb. I keep trying to hype you, Droid, but I'm not so sure.)

Anna Sheffield for Target Jewelry I just happened upon this jewelry at my local Target (Woodhill) and lost it big time when I spied this necklace. Hello -- it's a trophy with a rhinestone inside of the trophy being fastened to the chain by lightning bolts. If this doesn't make you feel AWESOME, I don't know that will. Buy it online here or go to your local Target and see if it's on sale.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Target and Costco

I got my Target fix this past weekend by popping over to the Target in Woodhill. The store has 5 or 6 aisles with signs that read "Big Savings" and a ton of the kind of multipack items you'd find at Costco. In fact, there was some kind of outdoor furniture set for sale that was indeed Costco brand.

Could this mean that Target and Costco have some kind of partnership? Will these aisles be a regular thing at our local Target? How awesome would that be considering we don't have Costco in this town?

Final note is that they also had Ed Hardy handbags ("Sick" -- see Ed Hardy Boyz on for reference) and Polo shirts. Whaaa?

Friday, January 08, 2010

Winter Coats and Boots 2010

Hello my cold readers! In the past week I've received requests for tips on coats and boots for this (seemingly endless) winter. Request #1 came in the form of a letter:

Dear Caroline,

I have the requisite down black puffy long coat, purchased 5 years ago. It is hideous, though still warm and functional. I want to replace it with something a little hipper, a little more flattering. I don't want it to read too Upper East Side and I don't want to spend a lot of money. I have narrowed it down to a few options and would welcome your readership's opinions as well as other suggestions.

Thank you,

Here are her selections:





I believe the option from The Gap is your best bet. Though I am not a fan of hoods, when it's frigid outside it's absolutely necessary to have a hood. Plus, that one is the best middle ground between ultra-stylish (the Spiewak option) and ultra functional (the North Face option). Any other thoughts from the peanut gallery? Comments welcome.

Request #2 was about good winter boots. Boots are absolutely impossible! If they are cute or fashionable, they're useless in the cold/snow. If they're ugly, you're guaranteed to be protected from the elements. What the ladies up North tend to do is to wear ugly boots to tromp through the snow, and then to change into sassy shoes once they've arrived at their destination. I found that process totally annoying, so what I did my last few years in NYC was to rely on leather boots that I didn't mind getting covered in snow and the related salt strewn out on the sidewalks.

The question about boots came from KB who has recently moved from SC to DE. I can count on one hand the number of times I've worn the following collection of boots since we moved down to SC. How nuts is that? These items were absolute staples of my wardrobe in NYC, but now they are virtually useless.

So to answer your question about boots, KB, I advise layering up on socks and choosing the tread of the boot based on the amount of rain, sleet or snow you'll be facing that day. I usually chose the option second from the right.

Good luck, ladies, and stay warm!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

To Whom It May Social Media-ly Concern

Dear friends,

Starting in 2010 I will not be a fan of your business if I have never interacted with your business (shopped there, eaten there, experienced your services, etc.). Also, if I've only met you once, I will likely not become your friend the next day...unless we bonded, in which case yes, I will. If I met you at a business event, I will indeed connect with you the next day on LinkedIn cuz that's for business networking.

I won't be connecting my Twitter and Facebook statuses because I think they are two different audiences. However, I am considering connecting Twitter and LinkedIn, so please stay tuned.

Also, I actively maintain all three social media venues so I expect you to do the same. I'm not going to pester you via the actual platform, so please read this post to the end so that you read this part too.

And finally, on good advice from DA, when I see you face-to-face I will not be referring to things I posted online unless you bring them up. Well, ok, I might occasionally bring some of those things up, but that only means I feel very strongly about them (recent news, politics, a sale that's going on, etc.). Actual time together is indeed just that.

Your friend, online and off,