Saturday, January 31, 2015

Table for One: Back Forty West

As Louis CK said in his MSG show, if you're sitting next to a person at a restaurant who's alone, that person is listening to your conversation. I have sat next to countless first dates and other configurations of people making inane conversation. My bf KH said I should start a blog called "Table for One." Well since I already have a blog, I am instead going to start a series with said title. It will be like an OH Facebook post, only longer. Be careful what you say, people of NYC, because I'm listening and taking notes on my phone.

Back Forty West, at the bar, two female friends:

I've never been like this I'm always like oh I don't care about this guy. (They started dating two months ago but were friends in high school.)

I remember seeing you the day we met at penn and I had just gone out with him the night before. (Regarding her ex boyfriend who she mentioned three times, even though she's head-over-heels about new guy re: above quote.)

I love your hair, it's reverse ombré. Wait, what? I thought ombré was light at the top and dark on the bottom. Is it? Oh yeah, ok.