Friday, April 18, 2008

Who Needs New York When It's All Happening in Colatown?

That's right, I said it. But with a night like last night, it's totally true. Here's what it encompassed. At 6 pm EJ and I met at the Columbia Museum of Art for the Runaway Runway fashion show. Put together by The Columbia Design League, the show was open to the public to use recycled and repurposed articles to create apparel. They ended up having a ton of people come to see the show - and something like 71 submissions - and it was so great to see such a mob come out for something like that. Unfortunately the show didn't start until a little after 8 pm, at which point EJ and I had to leave to go to a dinner in Elmwood Park, but we were able to catch all of the outfits as they had all of the models walk the runway together in the beginning. There were dresses made of neckties, CDs and cocktail napkins. Furthermore, the models were young, old, big, little, male, female and even some cutie little kids were up there strutting their stuff. EJ and I agreed that we felt proud to be Columbians at that show.

But like I said, we couldn't stay for the entire night since we were off to the next event -- dinner at the G's. Now LG loves herself some fresh fleurs, so we decided to swing by Publix in the Vista to grab some tulips. Guess who's shopping at Publix? Tracy Morgan. And guess who decided to give Tracy a ride back to his hotel? My husband. For some reason, I was mortified and couldn't even look the guy in the eye the whole time which was fine since he was sitting behind me. With him was his lovely fiancee Tanisha, who is described in most of the photos of them that I've seen online as his girlfriend but he introduced her as his fiancee so maybe I'm announcing some scoopage here?

Once we dropped off Tracy Morgan and his fiancee Tanisha and EJ settled down off of his star-struckedness, we came to the G's house where the whole wonderful gang was celebrating the end of their latest shoot. Oh yeah, the G's are two of the four partners that run the ever-so-cool, Mad Monkey, a production company based in our Cola, SC. I get the proud privilege of working with them, so does EJ, but most importantly they are wonderful friends and soon-to-be neighbors in Elmwood Park. Holla!

Not bad for a Thursday night, wouldn't you say?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reasons to Love Spring in Columbia, South Carolina

1) It starts in March(ish)

2) Sweet tea

3) Chicken salad

4) Skirts

5) Sandals

6) Outdoor seating at the Publick House

7) All the events that are happening in April - oyster roasts, fashion shows and the ballet, OH MY!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Kiehl's Products Like Bars of Gold

Tonight I opened the tube of Kiehl's Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub I bought while in NY two weeks ago for work. Well let me tell you it took me straight back to the stress and ultimate high of purchasing Kiehl's products at the L'Oreal corporate shop a couple of years ago. Let's just say I had a friend who worked there, and let's also just say that she hooked me and others up with the ability to buy Kiehl's products at discounted prices around and after the holidays. I am still scared to fully disclose the nature of my connection.

Why so petrified? One of the women who worked in that store was a complete stickler for the rule that the corporate store was/is for employees only. Walking in there was akin to standing outside Mars with ZA so many moons ago trying desperately to seem like we didn't want to get in when in reality we were standing on newspaper dispensers to get noticed and ultimately chosen to go inside (I'm petrified, but I still really want it to happen! = I want to buy the Kiehl's products with a company discount, but I really don't want to get busted doing it, risking humiliation and - egad - the inability to buy.)

So I got to thinking about a brand and all that it does to build its reputation and get us to be such loyalists that there are now certain Kiehl's products I put on the same pedestal as bars of gold - the PP facial scrub I just mentioned, the musk perfume and the creamy eye treatment with avocado. Is it because I was able to buy it at a discount for a limited time frame that I now covet it so, or is it because that woman was such an impasse I now consider it a point against her to have purchased any of the aforementioned products? Either way, it's genius.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Nana Handbags by Sally Peek

Ok so I've been scooped by the Free Times, nonetheless I felt I had to write about Sally Peek and her incredibly funky line of handbags, Nana. I'm sure you can guess who her line is named after; well as it turns out, each style of bag is specifically named after a woman in her family. How sweet is that?

Today CC and I went over to Sally's to purchase some cutie items from her Spring line. Here's Sally - how can you not want to buy something from her?

And here are some shots of her workshop.

And here is C, doing some damage.

Supporting Sally's business, and therefore my wardrobe, is something that just feels good. She's such a friendly, creative person, there is zero guilt involved in buying a new bag per season.

At a winter sale hosted by her cousin, I bought this little number - a Sally bag - for myself.

Today, I sprung into Spring with this style - a Mombo (which, by the way, is her Mom's nickname). Look inside!

Ahem, subtle hint: Mother's Day is May 11, which is just about a month away.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Men in the Women's Clothing Section

I've been meaning to write about this topic for quite some time. Gentlemen who accompany your ladies on shopping expeditions,: we salute you indeed. Many men, my husband very much included, would never dream of going with their gals into store after store only to be asked, repeatedly, "Do I look fat in this?"

Being a supportive, couple-oriented kind of a guy, however, does not give you free reign to get in my way when I happen to be browsing the racks near your loved one. In fact, please get out of my way. You tend to walk slowly and not pay attention to the fact that you're in other people's way. Why not take a seat on the couches made specifically for your purpose?

I guess it gets me so hot because I am acutely aware of the opposite situation when I'm in the men's section with the hubs. Furthermore, I make sure to get out of a guy's way if I am by myself shopping for my man.

Ok, so do we have a deal?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sprint's New $99 Per Month Plan

It's happened - Sprint finally did something right! You may have seen the commercial with the CEO introducing the $99 per month for unlimited internet, text and phone calls. Well I'm writing this post today to tell you it's true. About one week before the commercials aired I had to increase my Sprint monthly plan to $200 per month because I was going so far over my minutes due to my current self-employed status. The next thing I know, those commercials are airing and I am furious. After stewing about it for the past two weeks I finally just called Sprint to determine if they were indeed going to screw me, but no - I was able to change my plan to the 100-bucks-a-month option and I couldn't be happier. Thank you very kindly, Sprint.