Sunday, May 31, 2009

Columbia's Crafty Feast Was a Big Hit!

I am very excited to report about Crafty Feast, the indie craft festival that happened in conjunction with the Eau Claire Ribs & Renaissance Festival (apparently a yearly occasion) this past weekend.

With a whopping 50 vendors, this festival delivered BIG TIME. Everyone was under one tent. I attended the Feast with my pals CS and JH. Once we had hooked ourselves up with some beers and a burger (yikes that line was so long!) we were properly equipped to shop. I decided that I was going to do one lap of the entire tent before diving into purchase mode. Here's the damage:

1) Snitches Get Stitches - how can you resist a tagline that reads, "We Make. You Buy. No one gets hurt."? The answer is, you can't. At least, I couldn't and that's why I snagged the following two cuties.

No, I have never been to a rave nor have I done ecstasy, but I did go through a hippy phase and it is for this reason I gave this necklace the moniker Hippy Trippy. Yes, that is glitter and a mushroom all in one pendant.

The resin-encased mushroom wonderland came dangling on one of those keychain/ball-based chains. I switched it to the silver chain you see in the above photo, then made the mistake of asking my husband if he liked it better on the new chain. He gave me his classic look and responded, "I don't like mushrooms used in art." Thankfully, he was a fan of the other item I snagged from Snitches, this Tim Burton-esque skull ring.

After SGS, I strolled (read: plowed) over to Token Emotion. I loved the name and the aesthetic of this Charlotte-soon-to-relocate-to-Asheville-based designer. She had linens, jewelry, stationary, china, etc. I got a set of 4 beautiful bird-printed napkins. I would have also purchased a silver flower ring, but it wasn't available in the right size.

I wrapped up the spending spree with The Small Object (check out that website - enuff said, right?). Here's a photo from The SO's website of the stickers I got. Don't ask me if I need stickers, the answer in this case is a resounding, "YES!"

Meanwhile CS did exceptionally well with a fabulous oxidized silver necklace from BEC Metalwork and perfect earrings from Heather someone who has pieces at Blue Sky Studio. And after much deliberation/thoughtfulness, JH got a couple of gifts for his sweetie who hopefully doesn't read my blog religiously.

It was a wonderful day. I felt the same way I had when I attended the first Runaway Runway last year -- thrilled by what can happen when creative, determined minds motivate in Columbia (three BIG cheers to the Crafty Feast organizer, Debi Schadel) and excited about the future of our small-but-growing town.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beguiling Burgundy

Dear Caroline's Closet,

I am going to a wedding this weekend and I got a fabu cocktail dress at the BCBG outlet to wear to the event.

Now the only problem is my dress is burgundy and I don't know what shoes go with?

Please help!

- Confused in CT

Dearest Confused,

Connecticut can be most confusing indeed this time of year -- 60s/70s F during the day, then down to 50s/40s in the evening! Meanwhile, it's nearly June. The best thing you can do is err on the side of Spring-into-Summer dress code.

You are most generous for sharing your shoe selection so that we don't have to "fly blind" on our recommendations.

I vote for the second from the left - what seems to be a peachy gold; a look I find most appropriate for this time of year. If this were a Fall/Winter wedding, I would recommend the shoe on the right - the deep gold is more Autumnal.

In summary, play up the purple in the Burgundy with the peach in the shoes: that's a totally 80s combo which is therefore TA (totally awesome).

Yours in solidarity...and sisterhood,


Not So Ga Ga for Gossip Girl

Ok, I have to admit - I don't get the Gossip Girl phenom? I finally sat down and watched an episode this week and it seemed like One Tree Hill/Dawson's Creek but at private school. Supposedly the school these girls go to is my alma mater or another similar school (and we've all got our knickers in a twist, pun intended, about the recent coverage from a fellow classmate and friend who now lives in the UK), but I think the show is as much a representation of the all-girls private school experience as Dawson's Creek was about a high school in the burbs (it was about a high school in the burbs, right?!).

Don't get me wrong, I think it's fun to see bitchy characters and fabulous clothing, but the one episode I watched did not hook me...and yes, I am hoping this will spark some lively commenting from all you GG fans.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Mani Side of Mani/Pedi Season

In my last post about mani/pedi season, I had only two pedis featured - no manis. Well this hot Boston-based mani was just emailed over to me from KH. Light lavender on the fingers? That's what I call one HOT mani!

Further to my last post about Belk, CC set the record straight with her comment about Belk and shoes -- more hit or miss than a guarantee. Ok, that sounds more like it. Nonetheless, she got those hot little numbers at Belk! That in and of itself is news, yo.

Finally, are you noting the purple trend here, my dear reader?

Monday, May 04, 2009

Mani/Pedi Season!

I am very happy to officially celebrate mani/pedi season. I got my first one last week after KH found the grey nail polish I had been searching for! Check it out - I'd still like to find a lighter grey for my hands, but in the meantime I am loving this for zee feet.

And check out this little color combo CC (not me, I have a friend w/ the same initials) was sporting on Saturday. It's an orangey-coral-pinkish with purple sandals. Hot! And how cool are those sandals, right? Would you believe it when I tell you they're from Belk...the Belk at the Richland Fashion Mall?! Well it's all true. What I like most about these little numbers is that they sport the in-style fringe but they're on a flat sandal, not a super-stacked heel. Apparently they're part of the Kristen Davis collection - kudos to Kristen on the shoes. Not so much on the clothing line.

So the word among the group on Saturday is that the Belk has good shoes. Hmmm, TBD, my friends, TBD. I shall investigate soon and report back.