Sunday, January 25, 2009

Somewhere in Toledo...

...a teenage girl is wearing the same tights as I am because we both bought them at Target. Harumph.

That's my thought for the day, and I know it's so brief I should have Twittered it, but I don't have the Twitter app.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Winning the Academy Awards Betting Pools

So how many of you out there are now frantically watching everything possible in order to win the betting pool this year? Times are tough, yo, so go ahead and spend $100 to win it back!

In an effort to do well this year when we attend the Nick's Oscar Night Party, EJ and I went to see Revolutionary Road today. Yeesh! Spoiler alert - this one is a heavy downer to anyone who is married and/or lives in the suburbs.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I Walked Home Last Night From Work, And I Liked It!

Most people in Columbia drive. In fact, I walked home last night after work with Monkey because EJ and I had driven in together in the morning and he left with the car to go to "band practice" and I saw only one other person walking...and we live about 13 blocks away from the office (AND note that some of these "blocks" are much longer than NYC or Boston blocks). We're not a walking city, but we really need to be. In order for us to get the retail I know many of us want to see in Columbia (J.Crew + any kind of store on Main Street), we are going to have to be willing to walk. In this case, I am using walking as a catch-all for many things were are going to have to be willing to do: work hard, push our city (and state) to have a competitive advantage - both economically and from an education perspective - use our libraries, use the internet, support the arts, support local food producers, etc.

It's more than placing a likeness of our state flag on your car, house, or boat. It can certainly start there, but then I think you need to walk.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Not Going to Blog about The Golden Globe Outfits

Miley Cyrus looked too old, Miley Cyrus looked age-appropriate. Renee Zel looked crazy, Renee was the only one who took a real fashion risk. I'm normally into all the glitz and glam, but this year it just seems a bit ostentatious, don't you think?

Now let's focus on the deals:

Last week there was a Marc by Marc Jacobs sale on Normally I'm not too into the inventory this site ends up getting, but I was intrigued by the sunglasses they had for $50.00 each. That was just a smidge too much dough, and I'm glad I passed because on Sunday I went to Marshall's to return some Seven Jeans that just weren't my dream pair and lo and behold - a pair of the sunnies I spied last week! What's more, they were $40.00, so really I saved $20.00 with the shipping and handling I didn't have to pay by buying them online.

These are the shades.

So go check out Marshall's right now because between the Seven Jeans I found in Delray Beach, and the sunnies I just found yesterday, they have some good deals. Then, bop over to Target (if you're in Columbia, I went to both stores in Harbison) and take advantage of the 30%-50% Clearance shoes. I got these royal blue booties for $20.00!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Resolution #1: Blog More

#2: Post photos online in a more timely manner

#3: Read the bookclub books more diligently

#4: Be more healthy (run more, yoga more, less wine, bla blee blue)

#5: Consume more non-internet marketing-related media (magazines of note: Seed Magazine, BUST Magazine and Garden & Gun)

#6: Motivate on the business plans

#7: Complain less, DO more (Slow Food Columbia; 701 Center for Contemporary Art)

#8: Get over the whole "I hate the phone" thing

#9: Take dance lessons with EJ

#10: Follow through