Sunday, March 30, 2008

From Pirate Boots to Pine Tree Pollen

It was great being back in NYC last week among the truly fashionable and fabulous, but it was incredibly jarring coming back to Colatown after 10 days in the city. Mind you, I am settling in here and am loving the pace of life and the weather. But NY is definitely a helluva town.

The pirate-esque flat boots seem to be holding on over there. Boots over the jeans, but for the most part, they're flat or with a little heel. Fashion-forward indie guys and skaters are still wearing skinny jeans, but I didn't see too many women with the skinny jean and flats that was so popular a little while ago.

Meanwhile here in Columbia we're covered with a layer of yellow-green pine tree pollen. It's everywhere! It's all over our cars - inside and out - and all over our clothing and shoes and interestingly it gets inside too and as a result, my desk is covered. I feel for people with allergies. This past week it was in the 70s so the shorts, golf shirts and running shoes abounded on the guys around town while the girls were wearing shorts shorts and super huge sunglasses. It's tiring, but we are a university town. I didn't go to the Carolina Cup, but I have a feeling there was a lot of strapless and a lot of minis. I'm sure Jolie and/or Skirt! will have some photo coverage soon enough.

Monday, March 03, 2008


Here are some things that fascinate me about Columbia.

Regular-sized trucks, monster wheels
Now this is a regular siting -- I guess it's the everyman's version of a monster truck because it's your basic pick-up with ginormous wheels. Odd.

The "did I go to high school with you?" stare
No, you didn't. I promise...but you may have seen me around town>?

Our local DHL delivery person
He or she can never get it right. All you have to do is leave a sticky note on the door - what's the big deal? And you wonder why I haven't fully embraced online shopping?