Sunday, June 04, 2006

My Sense of Fashion: A Retrospective

Returning from my 10-year college reunion I realize I've learned a lot when it comes to style and fashion. Herewith, my top-ten lessons learned in the past 10 years.

Lesson #1 Cut-offs and flannel shirts are appropriate only in the middle-of-nowhere Ohio.

Lesson #2 Purses are not evil and are sometimes a lot better than big, bulky backpacks

Lesson #3 Perfume is not “girly” but nice and appropriate

Lesson #4 Heels can and should be worn on occasion, but that occasion is usually not in the middle-of-nowhere Ohio

Lesson #5 Product is your friend, especially facial moisturizer and hair care product

Lesson #6 Drinking a lot of beer = having a beer gut

Lesson #7 Painting one’s toe nails is not “girly” and is absolutely necessary when exposing the toes

Lesson #8 Wearing a lot of black does not make you a miserable, negative New Yorker

Lesson #9 The pinnacle of shopping existence is not necessarily J.Crew

Lesson #10 Never say never


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stellaforstar said...

oh man, i feel ya sistah. i didn't heed your product warning closely enough. also, i dressed down super hardcore in an effort to fit in, in hippieville, and i kinda wish i had upped the ante.

Shara said...

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Anonymous said...

>Lesson #1 Cut-offs and flannel shirts are appropriate only in the middle-of-nowhere Ohio.

How'bout when it's 100 degrees and you wish you were in the middle of Ohio? blech. -smiles