Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Calling All Computer/PDA Gadget-Heads

For those of you who don't know, I have recently decided to become a consultant. It's a very interesting process for someone who has only been working full-time jobs all of my life since graduating college, and it brings into question some major purchase decisions. I am realizing I now need a printer (unnecessary before when I had access to "the office" machine), a PDA (unnecessary before when the full-time employer issued me the Treo or Blackberry) and probably a new laptop.

The problem is that I am not a gadget-head. I was dying for an iPhone before they came out, then all those articles were written about how they're not necessarily the best option for business people (no encryption, etc). I see a Best Buy advertisement in the Sunday circular for a printer and I convince myself almost instantly that's probably the best way to go.

Now I know I could do a review on CNET, but maybe you, kind reader, could help me out with some tips. What are the best options for laptop, printer and PDA for someone who will have to produce a lot of basic Microsoft Office documents (Word, XLS), will probably have to purchase Dream Weaver and manipulate HTML, and will probably also have to download a handful (and by the way, my definition of "handful" is five) of other programs and applications in order to support various clients?

Gadget- and Tech-heads: Please post your comments below!

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Jenn R said...

Not a gadget head here either...even though I pretend sometimes. I recommend going to a computer website such as hp.com and checking out what they have for laptops. Normally they will have listed what each laptop is good for. The best part is you can usually get free stuff with it (minus the never ending rebate) like printers.