Monday, April 10, 2006

RIP, Sweet Boots

They were perfectly molded to my feet and resoled just once. They were of the softest black leather I have ever experienced in a boot. They were ankle-length and perfectly flat – not a completely ground-level flat; just enough of a heel that they were ideal for the pants that were just a tad too short. They worked in the Spring, Winter and Fall and had a very subtle stitching detail noticeable only if you were looking at them up close. They cost entirely too much money, but lasted me seven years. They were purchased at Brown Thomas department store in Dublin, Ireland and had been with me to Luxembourg, London, Barcelona twice, Phoenix, Arizona and even Peru, Illinois.

Can you tell that they were my favorite boots? They are irreplaceable, though I will probably spend the next few years attempting to replace them. They went out with the trash this morning – perhaps to adorn someone else's feet (someone who won't mind the holes), or perhaps to a better place where boots get to walk on clouds but never get rained on.

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