Sunday, February 03, 2008

Trendspotting: Spoons

I was thinking today about the concept of saying something new about a piece of work, a movie, a program on TV, a play, a work of art - anything, really - that's already been overly reviewed. My pal EW seems to have hit the nail on the head when it comes to giving a fresh perspective on an aspect of culture that is fairly mainstream.

I don't necessarily have the knack for saying something new about what's out there, but as you know, I'll definitely say something! On that cheery note, I share with you the following.

- Prints of spoons are increasingly popular. When I visited KH in Boston in December, we went to Madewell, the new retail chain started by folks from JCrew. I bought a white Tshirt with a print of blue spoons (wore it today to a brunch with the book club girls). Futhermore, this tote bag is currently for sale at Target.

Need I say more about the spoons? Ok, I'll say just one thing more -- I think the reason the print is so popular right now is that it's becoming indie cool to be a foodie. There are a million books and memoirs about the culture of food in the US, people's travels and food, etc. Furthermore, the organic craze has come and gone and now the local food movement is gaining ground. Food is cool, hence eating utensils en vogue.

- I've been saying this to a lot of people here in Colatown, so I figured it's high time to share it via the blog: I believe that if Columbia, SC put as much effort into business and the economy as it does into politics, it would be thriving. It's very strange to me that Litchfield Beach seems to have better restaurants and shops than Columbia.

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Virginia Belle said...

ugh, please don't get me started on the abysmal shopping here in columbia. it is one of my few pet peeves about this town.

i don't know what the problem is. i guess we just get passed over by stores, since everything is only an hour away: charlotte, charleston, greenville...or maybe we just aren't in a good demographic? there are a lot of broke-ass people in columbia. all the peeps with money are in greenville or charleston.

i have sent emails to sephora, DSW, white house/black market, j crew, nordstrom and who knows what other stores, BEGGING them to open up stores here.

we are FINALLY getting a white house/black market, though. i guess we just have to be patient and keep hoping that more and more people will move here.

we do have some good local boutiques, though. if you want to know where they are, shoot me an email --