Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Giraffe Print Handbags Are Horrible

Lovely ladies of Colatown,

Stop your obsession with the giraffe print handbag! It's a knock-off of a past-season Dooney & Burke model. It's old-lady-esque. Most of the time, the version you're carrying isn't even leather (and I don't think you're a vegan).

It's an old style from a former season. Right now in our town, there are a lot of exciting developments in the art, food and culture world. Further, non-profits are working towards making our fair city a better place to attract and retain talent. How are we ever going to get there, really, if we're all carrying kooky bags?

Really? Really.


Your friend, Caroline


Michelle said...

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Columbia Quad Squad said...

I had a woman come into my clothing store the other day and ask "Do ya'll have any giraffe print purses?" For a minute I was really confused. That has become a "style" now instead of one design from one designer. Pathetic.