Monday, October 12, 2009

She's Got Legs

Dear Caroline,

It's getting cold out, so do you have any recommendations for good tights? I'm also wondering if leggings are appropriate for a 35 year-old.


Chilly in the City

My dearest Chilly,

Ma chere! You help me realize I haven't worn tights more than twice in the past two years. I am sad and grateful at the same time. We call this mixed emotions.

But my thoughtful nonsense doesn't answer your questions. In my earlier years, my two absolute favorite brands for tights were DKNY and Nine West. Always look for opaque and for me, the thicker the better. Check out these photos of fun colorful DKNY tights currently for sale on >

Hey lovely readers -- if you have any other fave brands for our friend, Chilly, kindly share them via commenting.

And now onto the leggings question. When leggings were all the rage, they were ridiculously trendy. It is my opinion that they are now like any other clothing staple: jeans, white tank tops, black cardigans, etc. Especially now that the 80s are so hot (still). Just take a look at the Ready-to-Wear Fall Winter 2009 line from our savior, Marc Jacobs. It features leggings (not to mention tights, black tights!) on the runway. The leggings are indeed more like body stockings, but hey, a body stocking ends up looking like leggings on the legs, no?

Check out these hot little velvet leggings from Victoria's Secret (Caroline's Secret: while I hate Vickie's bras, I like her catalog/website for affordable clothing). >


Childs said...

Ummm. What in the heck is a body stocking?
Please and thank you.

Caroline said...


A body stocking is really anything that covers the body like a stocking. The piece of clothing not only covers the legs (maybe feet, maybe not - like leggings) but also the full body up to the shoulders and is either a tank top or a long-sleeved shirt on top. Like a jazzercise getup, but in stocking form.

Your pal,

hilarymargaret said...

Great post! I just picked up three pairs of my favorite tights at Target last weekend...Assets (aka Spanx for Target). Solid black, not too shiny. They last for the whole season and stand up to my toes wanting to make holes. They are a bit more expensive than Hue brand tights but I think they are superior and a great product.

stellaforstar said...

thank you hilarymargaret!! target brand spanx are a hot tip.

sfw said...

i have lived here 2 years and still don't know where to shop for clothes in columbia (not at a mall). any suggestions?

Caroline said...

Dear SFW,

The places to shop here in Columbia are few and far between to be sure!

Here are my faves:
- Handpicked for sterling silver earrings
- Cloud Nine & Just the Thing for gifts
- There's a new discount boutique in 5ive Points where Sophie's Shoes used to be that has some neato deals
- Revente, Sid&Nancy or Hipwazee for Le Vintage
- Van Jean if its having a mega-sale
- Ditto for Kicks (shoes)

Your best bet is to drive the distance to Charleston for the true walking, eating and shopping (all at the same time w/o having to drive) experience.