Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Decade of Knowledge

A ton of media outlets are rating the "best" of the past decade. I wouldn't purport to know what's the best of anything, but I can share with you the most important things I've learned in the past decade. Here goes.

- The best way to get a job is to network.

- If you don't pay someone to make your wedding photo album for you, it will never get done.

- Beyonce sings some catchy songs. Jay Z is a catchy rapper. It's no wonder they got married.

- "Shop your closet." - JQ

- Here's the answer to what "FAIL" means and where it originated> Slate article on "FAIL".

- The worst anyone can ever say to you in response to anything is indeed "no."

- A vacation once a year to a new place is imperative to the health of a marriage.

- Time spent in NYC should not be wasted eating bad food.

- Being 35 is mentally better than being 25, but I really could do a hell of a lot more when I was 25 (exercise, run errands, drink, remember things).

- Being proud of yourself is paramount to everything.

- It's not selfish to make sure you're happy and healthy first before you can be anything to anyone -- friend, husband, wife, sister, father, mother, etc. -- and be happy about it.

- It seems true that if you accept the grief, you can also accept the joy.

- Local is different than organic. If you'd like to learn more, visit Slow Food USA.

That's the last post for 2009, my dears. Happy New Year from Miami, FL!

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stellaforstar said...

oh man there is a lotta truth here. lovely.