Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Built By Wendy is Wonderful

I've started using the word "wonderful" a lot and I realize it's a common expression here in Columbia/the South (though generally it's pronounced more like "whunnduhful" and it's usually an older crowd that uses it). I think it's a good alternative to "fabulous" or "terrific," so I encourage you all to merge it into your lexicon.

On the shopping front, since my trip to NYC a couple of weeks ago, I've decided my new favorite brand is Built By Wendy. I got these dungaree linen track pants while I was there and they are a big hit!

I originally spied them in Lucky magazine (btw, while in NYC I was shopping at the favorite, TG170, in came Gigi Guerra - fabulous fashion editor!). In fact Built By Wendy has gotten another shout-out recently from Tina Fey in Vogue...well, maybe not so much of a "shout out," but rather more of a cut? When commenting on a photo of herself as a little girl with some funky 70s outfit, Fey said, "You could put that on Built by Wendy and sell it for $260—the whole look."

Oh well, all this buzz worked on me: I was dead-set on getting to the BBW store and purchasing either the track pants or this lovely outfit:

Since I went with the pants I'll wait until this summer and try to snatch up the shirt and skirt too after I've saved up some duckets.

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stellaforstar said...

lovin my blue dress btw.