Monday, June 21, 2010

AAAAaaaaand We're Back!

I promised KH my first post back in NYC would be given this headline, but the first post after coming back really had to be about the key. For this second post, post-arriving back in NYC, I think the headline works.

Here's a round up of all the trends I've noted here in our wonderful Nueva York by which I am both fascinated and repulsed (again, a nod to KH with a reference to the beautiful grotesque).

  • Roman/Gladiator-style sandals = not made for every leg, yet seen all over town because flats are easy for pounding pavement

  • Eyeglasses with Ray-Banesque frames = everywhere

  • High-waistedness: shorts, skirts, pants, oh my! = KD and I decided it's a trend we're just going to have to live with and play out

  • Adults wearing silly bandz = boo and hiss (I hope my cousin will forgive this one because he was wearing a couple from his kids this past weekend)

  • Side boob cleavage = the shirt or dress is cut so low, the inside side of the chest is revealed

  • Stacking mismatched rings on one finger = this is my favorite one yet! I'll post a photo when I can grab one.

  • An oval haircut whereby the side of the head is shaved so that the shape of the actual "cut" is an oval on the top of the head. Some choose to rock 80s-style bangs with this, others don't. It's probably a summer/heat thing.

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