Sunday, February 19, 2006

It's Cold

I won't be able to blog everyday, but this is President's weekend and my husband is surfing in FL so it's an exception. Also, it's freezing and I must comment. It got down to about 5 deg. last night - crazy cold. How are you expected to look good on a day like today?

Caught brunch at noon with some friends at Kasimir on Avenue B. Summary: no wait for a group of 5 but expect French-esque service. And my pal BW was head-to-toe Prada - winter jacket and sunglasses. He looked great, and it confirmed my hangup about the brand. It looks great on guys, no good on girls. Too sporty/structured/masculine.

Today is mostly about staying moisturized on the hands and face. CVS, here I come.

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