Sunday, February 26, 2006

Good Sale and Sunday Outfits

Those of you living here in NYC need to get yourselves to the uptown/downtown Patagonia sales. For the mere price of $120 I purchased yesterday:

  1. a brown denim-style hemp jacket which is very bomber-esque (lined with recycled something-or-other which is warm and toasty)
  2. a grey wool sweater with creme-colored stripes down the sides and the arms
  3. a white v-neck tshirt

Folks, now is the time when Patagonia gear is actually affordable, and considering it got down to about 5 degrees F last night, all the puffy down jackets will likely go fast. Everything is either 40% or 60% off. Seriously good deal - ends Monday at 7 pm.

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention UNI QLO, Japan's H&M which has a trial store here on Greene Street right off of Prince. It was dubbed the "holiday" store, but it seems to still be around and though it is not great for women's clothing, my husband has purchased an entirely new wardrobe there for about $85. I got a sweet little black rain slicker for just $20, so it can be a success for women occasionally as well.

And finally, the real reason for this posting - Sunday outfits. We all have them, so let's discuss them! This season, my Sunday outfit is a pair of straight-leg blue jeans with just the right amount of stretch, a black turtleneck sweater and a pair of faux sheepskin-lined boots that are multi-colored (pulled over the jeans). My Sunday outfit will definitely change as the weather warms, but for now this is the comfort zone for the weekend. I tried making the Sunday outfit more of a weekend outfit and wore it to my office on a Friday, since Fridays are casual at work, but the boots got too many comments so I'll probably keep this Sunday outfit to its designated day. Dear readers, I encourage you to share with me and the 3 people who read this your Sunday outfits.


Anna McDonald said...

Love those faux sheepskins!

My Sunday outfit:

1. Nike track runner trainers in cobalt/siena.

2. Wicking capilene socks (from the Patagonia store!)

3. Adriano Goldschmied sea-blue cords.

4. Graphic t-shirt from a high school friend's closet that reads: folk it up.

5. Deep-sea-aqua cotton penguin hooded sweatshirt (from the Barney's Sample Sale!)

6. Trapper fur hat, men's, w/ Grizzwold flaps.

kmanyc said...

C! Thanks for asking this very important question. Same scheme every week... True Religion jeans, my clunky, chunky slip-on super warm Giraudon sport black shoes for walking around and TWO sweaters. Any two, but two. Wool, cashmere, mohair, whatever is needed to stay warm.

smiles said...

The subset of what's tossed over the chair from Saturday night that doesn't smell like where I was or where I'd never go.

Anonymous said...

me birfday suit, mate!

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