Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Today's Dos and Don’ts

I am bursting to write about the following two items.

1) I discovered today that I am working with the husband of online shopping royalty. Michelle Madhok is the founder of SheFinds.com. This woman has my dream job (check out the blog: I am in love). I was giddy looking though this website today. Sign up for the newsletter now!

2) My personal fashion no-nos. Here goes; I have wanted to get these off my chest for a while now.

  • Plastic shoe heels You know what I’m talking about. That “click, click, click” of the heel as she walks down the sidewalk is a lot more treble-kicking than your wooden or even rubber-based heel.

  • Two pig/ponytails Call them what you may, you should not sport a hairstyle meant for no one over the age of 10.

  • Xtra large sunglasses I recently learned, care of Lucky magazine I believe, that even the Jackie O style frames were crazy large. Oh well, I still think the frames that are deliberately too large for your face are just plain silly. Choose your large frames wisely.

  • Muffin top-creating pants/shirt combos People, there’s now a term used to reference this poor fashion choice…and I didn’t make it up. Stop the madness.

  • Hardware mismatch Silver handbag hardware and gold jewelry or vice versa.

  • Matching top and shoes If you’re wearing a coral top, don’t wear coral shoes. Just don’t.

1 comment:

stellaforstar said...

girlfren: i have a few responses. the first is: what the heck is a muffin top shirt? i am too dumb for that one. also, i think that the matchy matchy thing (shirt/shoes) is cultural. african americans seem to love the matchy matchy, whereas i myself, a whitey, am less comfortable with the matchy ,matchy.