Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Personal Shopping, Target-Style

This past weekend I was in the sunny South…Florida, baby. Or Flahridah as I like to call it. And while Fla is good for the sun and the beach and the early-bird specials, it is also GREAT for the Target, or Targé as most of the modern world likes to call it.

The beauty of shopping at Targé out of state is that whatever is in extreme high demand in your mother city isn’t in your visiting city. You know I purchased enough to clothe a family of four, that’s not the point of this posting. The point is to share with you (a) what I should have bought and (b) my impromptu personal shopping experience.

What I should have purchased

These snakeskinesque shoes (care of the Isaac Mizrahi for T line):

This faux leather "flap bucket bag" (also care of Isaac Mizrahi for T line):

Personal shopping

So I’m standing in line with KHQ who has in her load to checkout an avocado over-the-shoulder purse. The woman behind us asks where she got it and she points her in the right direction. The woman returns and mentions she could not find it anywhere. *Bing – this is my cue. I head straight for the handbag area, review and realize that she is correct, the particular style is no longer available in avocado, but it is still on the shelf in black, white and brown. I return to the register, bring her back to the section and point out the other options. She goes for the black.

Today, Target, tomorrow...who knows!

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