Sunday, April 29, 2007

Class is in Session

Knowing that I'm leaving New York soon, I've reverted back to my old self circa 2005. Picture me single, with Monkey the dawg, living in the 10th Street apartment, late nights, late mornings, dog run, cawfee, bla!

All that glamour aside, I've also become someone worse than a tourist in the way I am analyzing and scruitinizing New York. I'm a hyper-absorber/observer because at this point anything I do could be the last time I do it, so it's got to be done to the fullest.

Lesson One: New York, last weekend in April 2007
  • Marie Belle in SoHo serves a chocolate and lavender butter sammich that is divine
  • Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry!
  • Todd's 9th Street Market is an East Village institution
  • Some people are intentionally obtuse (ML)
  • There's nothing like your college friends
  • There's nothing like the East Village crew
  • Anthropologie may support anti-abortion groups, but it has a lot of great clothes
  • MUD is the strongest coffee in Manhattan so take that, Starbucks!
  • Holy Basil is another East Village institution - apparently we'll still wait an hour to be seated there
  • The only way to stay out at night until 4 am and then function the next morning is to eat something before going to bed (I recommend pizza or soy sauce/ginger fried chicken drumsticks)
  • Only 25 year-olds can really get away with the above mentioned formula
  • Handbags with serious hardware are heavy even when completely empty
  • Bloomingdale's SoHo has great public bathrooms (the best are in the basement in the men's department)
  • Graffiti can be art

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Virginia Belle said...

ok, i have to stop reading before i start crying!!!!

my friend MJ and i have been toying around with actually moving up there. she's from upstate NY and spent some time in college in NYC. she is mostly responsible for the love affair i have with the city. we have decided that if we win the lottery, that's what we will do.