Monday, April 09, 2007

Caroline Goes to the Carolinas

By now you may have heard, I'm moving to South Carolina. That's right, y'all, Caroline is going to the Carolinas and she is ready to drink some sweet tea!

When I shared the news with JK, we inevitably brought the conversation around to what the heck Imma do in order to get my shopping on. Let me tell you, dear friends, as soon as my man and I made the decision to get down South, I was shopping in a total and complete panic. Two weeks ago I bought a purple leather Katrin Leiber handbag as if my life depended on it. This past weekend I strolled into Filene's Basement in Union Square with absolutely no focus and strolled out with two dresses and a skirt.

When the decision was official, I initially stressed about how many items of clothing I own in the color black; this week I've convinced myself (with some help from KH) I'll start a trend down there.

As JK put it, I'm like No Impact Man's family preparing for a year of making no impact on the environment. Mind you, I mean this as no disrespect to No Impact Man because I think he's righteous (read his blog, check out his experience, unplug your cellphone and other chargers when you're not using them. Al Gore knows what he's talking about: if we closed the hole in the ozone we can definitely do our part to conserve energy and not completely F-up the global environs). My only point is, I am in a shopping frenzy - it feels kind of like stockpiling.

Oh and for the record, it's not just me. Seems me man had a touch of the shop in him all along. Consider the following: Two days ago EJ asked me to buy him 3 packages of MOP pomade "just in case." And as I blogged last week, home slice dragged me into every store in the Chelsea Mall looking for new outfits for his new job.

The result of all this moving hysteria? I have settled down slightly as the reality has set in. I am now very patiently scoping an over-the-shoulder off-white Marc Jacobs handbag on sale at Loehmann's (new location opening soon on the Upper West Side - holla!), but I am also scoping cardboard boxes because the gear has to be packed in something.


stellaforstar said...

oh maaaaan, i gonna be missing you

Virginia Belle said...

please!!! do not change how you dress!!! no one can dress down here, mainly because 90% of the people here have (are you sitting down?) NEVER BEEN ANYWHERE. they've never lived anywhere else, never been outside of a 2 state radius, and are generally wholly ignorant of the rest of the universe. some people here have NEVER BEEN ON A PLANE. i shit you not.

We need you!!! please help the minority bring some friggin culture and interest to this wholly ignorant place!!!

i will help you start the fashion trends. just tell me what they are. i don't know, because i've lived here too long. help me before i turn into one of them!