Thursday, August 09, 2007

Two Car Family

We are now officially a two car, one dog family. We shopped for both of these babies online. Used, my friends, used, but thus far they are treating us fairly well.

Here's my Subarau, Mackenzie (aka Ruby). She likes to shake, rattle and roll.

And here's EJ's truck - it's a stick shift! That's him and JA doing some after-purchase kicking of the tires.

We're very quickly realizing the vehicle, much like the house (yes, we are starting the house hunting process), is a statement you choose to make about who you are. What am I saying to the public? Subaruby Vermont type? Pick-up truck hardcore? It's all too much really.

Meanwhile, here's Monkey in the back of the Subie wondering what other dogs are thinking about her.

1 comment:

Virginia Belle said...

your dog is ADORABLE. is that a frenchie? i want a frenchie SO BADLY. but i have 2 bostons, which is plenty for now!