Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bloggers Who Are Rad

There are times when the internet gets me so excited I can hardly think straight. Today I have been the lucky recipient of this emotion not once, but twice, in one day. This on top of many other revelations today; shoowee!

The first internet revelation was earlier in the day when I got a message from LinkedIn. For those of you who don't know about this amazing resource, check it out -- it's like Friendster but for business networking.


Weird that I should reference Friendster, right? At this point I should probably be saying, "it's like MySpace but for business networking." The point is, it's less functional like Friendster, but more effective for your ultimate goal, like MySpace. Then again, maybe it's more effective like an online dating site? Well, I could get caught up in this one all night.

So back to the first time today when I was reminded of why I love the interweb. Right before we moved to SC, I was connected via email to a woman who was looking for places to stay before she officially moved back to California. EJ and I were going to a wedding and needed someone to stay in our apt. and take care of Monkey for a long weekend. Enter this wonderful woman who is nice, open and honest. We briefly shared our stories and wished each other well in our big moves. Since then, we have respectively moved and might I say she is flourishing in her new environs. The connection with LinkedIn is that she recently found me on LinkedIn, we linked in to each other, and I was introduced to her wonderful blog.

People, check this out. First of all, it's called Love Yourself. Secondly, the writing is real and the photography is even more real. I have yet to mention that she's a photographer. Isn't the surfer woman idea excellent?

Tonight I log into and see that I have numerous comments from a Viginia Belle. How exciting to find a compadre. I am currently reading a collection of short stories called "Read This and Tell Me What It Says." I was so intrigued by the title, I bought the book. To you, my kind reader, I say, "read this blog and tell me what it says."


Virginia Belle said...

Hi! Thanks for the mention! :) how is it going? you loving this heat or what? dude, it's killer. you picked a BAD first summer! this is definitely the hottest summer i've dealt with since i've moved here!

i'll be back!

miss vintage love said...

Oooh sounds good, I gotta check that site out for sure!

stellaforstar said...

lovin the blog, my dear. i had so much catching up to do, but i know all. just in time for a visit.