Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Free Car Wash?

Two weekends ago I was in my car and on the road to Target. It was one of those Sundays - I needed just a few hours alone. So I pick up a latte at Earth Fare and just one block away I spy young people holding up "car wash" signs. I figure this is a blessing (no pun intended, but read on to understand why) in disguise because Ruby had been in serious need of a bird poop removal.

So I pull into the parking lot of a church and immediately a group of kids, supervised by one adult, get cracking on the car. They are all wearing the same youth group tshirt, so I figure the car wash is a fund raiser for the group. Great.

Only I quickly find out, after being approached by a girl who was at least 15 years my junior, that actually the purpose of the car wash seems to be to recruit people to a church. No payment necessary, just a series of questions on who I am, where I'm from, what I do, and what church I attend. Yipes.

I gave a $5.00 donation to the charity being promoted off to the side of the car wash, hopped back into the car with suds still remaining, and off to Target I went. I guess this is what it means to be living in the bible belt. Some say I'm losing my NY edge - that I should have seen it coming. To you my dears, I say touche.

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Virginia Belle said...

LOL welcome to the bible belt! EVERYONE goes to church here, and if you don't ,you'd better have a good explanation!

i have to say, it's a pretty big part of the culture down here. very ingrained. it is the top place to network, actually.

(i am currently going through a heathen phase and haven't been to church in a year or so....oops!)