Thursday, September 13, 2007

Um, I Personally Think That US Americans Love Britney Betch


I am nearly speechless, my friends. It's been quite a month, wouldn't you say? First Little Miss South Carolina negates all my points I've been working very hard to make about my sweet new home state, then Britney fights with a Jello mold for the "Most Exciting" award at the VMAs...ay dios mio! Well needless to say I really haven't known what to say. Shopping hasn't been a top priority for me this past month and I guess that's why our society is falling into the crapper. Don't worry, America, I'll save you! I was introduced to Village at Sandhill today.

And it's not like I've wiped shopping out of my life entirely, my peeps. Last week ME, AB and I went to Marshall's during our lunch break to buy ME a new purse. People - she hasn't gotten a new handbag since, well, I don't know when but let me paint this little picture for you - she unearthed this over-the-shoulder-and-across-the-body number the other day that was carrying photos of her twins as wee littles. They're 17 now. Granted, this was a big improvement from the money clip she was calling a wallet, but the bag was Hush Puppies. Hul-lo.

So off we go to Marshall's and it was like a kid in a candy store. Everything shiny and sparkley was catching her eye (remember when we were like that? aw...cute, right?). Well Missy Thing picked out two sweet little numbers - AB and I might joke that we made the decision, but she had the eye and made the final call. And even though we advised her that a black bag would suffice, she purchased a black and a brown ("Hello, to match the different shoes") and they are way cute. ~Sigh~My work there was done.

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stellaforstar said...

oh if only you had been there to shop for lil britney maybe she wouldn't have gone out there in that spangly bikini.