Thursday, March 19, 2009

Go Out Gear or the Day-to-Day Basics?

Times is tough - we all know it, and I've certainly been blogging about it. So tonight as I was washing the dishes, I had another e-piphany about a poll for my readership. Here goes, my dearests:

Knowing that you can't spend as much this year on apparel and accessories as you did last year, for what are you saving your shopping sprees?

(1) "Go Out Gear," aka, clothing to wear to cocktail receptions, museum openings, bars, clubs, late nights, birthday parties, evening fundraisers, weddings, galas, dinners at faboo restaurants, etc.

(2) "Day-to-Day Basics," aka, casual work environment, weekend brunch, shopping, afternoon cocktails, flea marketing, poetry readings, block parties, book festivals, your kids' soccer games, etc.

Please post your comments and let us know! I value the day-to-day much more than the fancy, so that's what I'll be saving much duckets for this year.

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