Tuesday, March 03, 2009

More Fashion Ideas on a Shoestring Budget

Further to my latest posting, I think we're all crying out for MORE tips and tricks on how to remain fashionable (and therefore, fabulous) despite the state of our national/global economy.

1.) Make your own clothes. In December, at the She's Geeky conference in NYC, I was privileged enough to meet the co-founder of BurdaStyle, an open source sewing website. What's that, you say? Oh, it's a site where people not only share sewing patterns, they share their different takes on sewing patterns. Genius, right? Open source isn't just for software, peeps.

2.) Order more affordable options at your favorite restaurant. Now I know this one is tricky because believe you me, all I need is two glasses of buttery Chardonnay (read: Prosecco) at my favorite restaurant, Terra, and all of a sudden my intention to order light flies out the window. But at Terra, it's possible to sit at the bar, order an app and a pizza (the Prosciutto option is my absolute fave) and still save room in the budget for a glass or two of the good stuff!

3.) Go to free art openings and events. What better way to score a free glass of buttery Chardonnay (read: buttery Chardonnay)?


Smiles said...

Dear Caroline, What is your opinion on polo shirts? Not Polo shirts, polo shirts. I am totally not sold. In fact I'm very un-sold. But I respect your taste. What do you say?

Anne Wolfe Postic said...

I so totally second your second idea - just make sure you order a side of their fries for dessert.

stellaforstar said...

is it super preppy in Australia or something? tell Smiles to JUST SAY NO.

in other news i am loving the cheap jersey sundresses at Old Navy. now if only they were selling them in sizes smaller than a 16, I'd be preparing for Summer already.

Caroline said...

Intriguingly, we have a comment trail going on here about polo shirts, not Polo shirts. Well Smiles, we all want to know - are they popular in Australia/New Zealand or what?

Official Caroline statement: polo shirts are best worn on men age 27 and younger.*

*Note the exception to this rule is my loving husband, who still likes polos and is therefore free to wear them. However, because he is over the maximum age official polo-wearing, he absolutely will NEVER pop his collar.

Smiles said...

Indeed, Stella and Caroline, there are rather many polo shirts in New South Wales. But not so much in the preppy tennis club vein as the lots-of-hair-product newly-21 New Jerseyans who might also play rugby genre. But, not taking my fashion cues thence so much, the sartorial conflict instead derives from scanning the Nau men's Spring line. I scoffed, Can't you just put buttons down the front of those? But I wanted expert opinion. Often I am behind the times, and the last time I looked good in a polo was my 4th grade school portrait.