Monday, May 04, 2009

Mani/Pedi Season!

I am very happy to officially celebrate mani/pedi season. I got my first one last week after KH found the grey nail polish I had been searching for! Check it out - I'd still like to find a lighter grey for my hands, but in the meantime I am loving this for zee feet.

And check out this little color combo CC (not me, I have a friend w/ the same initials) was sporting on Saturday. It's an orangey-coral-pinkish with purple sandals. Hot! And how cool are those sandals, right? Would you believe it when I tell you they're from Belk...the Belk at the Richland Fashion Mall?! Well it's all true. What I like most about these little numbers is that they sport the in-style fringe but they're on a flat sandal, not a super-stacked heel. Apparently they're part of the Kristen Davis collection - kudos to Kristen on the shoes. Not so much on the clothing line.

So the word among the group on Saturday is that the Belk has good shoes. Hmmm, TBD, my friends, TBD. I shall investigate soon and report back.


Childs said...

To be clear, Belks at Richland Fashion Mall is not the shoe Mecca that Riches at Columbia Mall once was in its hay day. Do not be fooled but the purple shoesies. That Belks is hit or miss, my dear, and mostly miss.

Anonymous said...

Oh! You can get any shoe you desire from Belk online!