Sunday, January 24, 2010

Target and Costco

I got my Target fix this past weekend by popping over to the Target in Woodhill. The store has 5 or 6 aisles with signs that read "Big Savings" and a ton of the kind of multipack items you'd find at Costco. In fact, there was some kind of outdoor furniture set for sale that was indeed Costco brand.

Could this mean that Target and Costco have some kind of partnership? Will these aisles be a regular thing at our local Target? How awesome would that be considering we don't have Costco in this town?

Final note is that they also had Ed Hardy handbags ("Sick" -- see Ed Hardy Boyz on for reference) and Polo shirts. Whaaa?


Childs said...

Ummm. Hellur? There is no Target in Trenholm Plaza.

Caroline said...

Yeesh -- why do I still confuse Woodhill and Trenholm? I meant Woodhill. Many thanks to the native Columbian for setting me straight!