Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shopping to Look Forward To

This is investigative journalism at its finest, people.

Sonia Rykiel has a line coming to H&M You can read more about this on the H&M webiste. Do you think there will be anything left when I head over in March? I know, unlikely. Well Northern friends, think of me if you happen to cruise in there and spot something in the line that's to die for.

2G's Annual Warehouse Sale Now I've never been in this store because, frankly, its painted sign isn't inviting and they put too much stuff out on the street. But DS works with the store and she's just posted to Facebook the fact that they are having a sale starting on Thursday in which all clothing is 70% off. I will, once and for all, go and check this sale out.

iPad You know the hype, so I don't have to go to great lengths here, I don't think, but yes, I've pretty much convinced myself that I should get one. It's the in-between gadget, yo! (Note to self: Also go to Verizon store this week and complain about phone calls sounding like I am in a tunnel. Seriously, this is dumb. I keep trying to hype you, Droid, but I'm not so sure.)

Anna Sheffield for Target Jewelry I just happened upon this jewelry at my local Target (Woodhill) and lost it big time when I spied this necklace. Hello -- it's a trophy with a rhinestone inside of the trophy being fastened to the chain by lightning bolts. If this doesn't make you feel AWESOME, I don't know that will. Buy it online here or go to your local Target and see if it's on sale.

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