Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I have a love-hate relationship with all things metallic (note the word "metallic" will be used in this posting to refer to anything gold-, silver- or bronze-colored or toned). I love metallic shoes, I now hate metallic handbags. I wasn't always this way. A few years ago I bought a metallic bag from Newport News when the material was hot, hot, hot. Everyone was carrying metallic bags and I wanted in on the action. Now every Tom, Dick and all of 14th Street is selling metallic, half-moon shaped purses with big chain-link straps.

I had been wondering who on earth would actually purchase these street-seller specials when I began spying them on my commute to and from work (my office has moved uptown and I now have the lovely pleasure of using public transportation every work day). Women of the working world: please stop perpetuating this trend and thus supporting the makers of metallic products! The material has become so widespread everything comes in a metallic option - handbags, shoes, belts, scarves, shirts, pants - and apparently the age-range of acceptable metallic sportage runs the gamut of 9 to 79. The proliferation makes the material so un-special, I am now in the hate phase of the relationship.

The question now is: Will the trend ever fizzle out? It's lasted a number of years so it definitely has some staying power. Why? Because of its eye-catching quality, my friends. We are only human, after all, and if we don't have a bunch of feathers to fluff up and stick out for a night out on the town, the next best thing is some something shiny.

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stellaforstar said...

it's the age-old problem of: how do you keep cool things from being usurped by the whole mainstream world and turned into a mall/corner guy special?