Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bell-sleeved Shirts

What's with bell-sleeved shirts? Why are we so drawn to them? Probably nine times out of ten they are not flattering. I bought one such shirt with KH at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets at Calvin Klein. It's a cool shirt for sure, but the reality is that whenever I wear it I am constantly pulling at the cuffs with my fingers to get the sleeves over my hands.

You know the routine: we started it around age awkward and now we are trying very desperately to phase it out of our lives (kind of like the word "like" when used as a filler word). The classic sleeve-yank. My latest take on it is that due to our circulation issues, the tips of our fingers tend to get cold easily and therefore we yank for the sake of warmth.

Like sleeve-yanking, bell-sleeves are decidedly 1980s. I think I'm over them, and it's like about time.

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