Sunday, December 17, 2006

I'll Take You to the Tailor Shop

Dear Caroline,

Where can I find a good tailor in downtown Manhattan?

--Desirous of Fitting Duds

Dear Desirous,

Stanton Tailor Shop on (where else) Stanton Street at the corner of Orchard Street is where it's at.

Dear Caroline,

This was easily one of the best recommendations I've ever received in New York. I finally made it down there yesterday to get this cashmere overcoat tailored. They were closed when I got there, but I called and he opened up to fit me. He said I really needed three sizes taken down, which sounded to me like a lot of work. He asked when I wanted to pick it up, I said next week if they could do it by then. He said how about tonight. This was about 1PM yesterday. I picked it up at 6:30PM. It fit great, and only cost $35. I can't believe a place like that exists in New York. Thanks, Caroline.

I wish I could take all the credit for this wonderful experience but JK was the original discoverer of Stanton Tailor Shop. Can you feel the pay-it-forward love? Here's to well-fitting clothing!