Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Genius Blog about, Yes, Lip Balm

This is amazing - I am adding this blog to my list of faves over to the side but I had to also devote a post to it. The name says it all:


I myself have been slightly obsessed recently over various lip stuff options with my newest favorite being L'Occitane en Provence's Creamy Honey Lip Balm (yes, that is actually the full name of that retailer). Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream is a classic favorite that always works.


stellaforstar said...

ok. first of all, i love this neutrogena stuff i bought in ireland. it looks euro-tastic and it coats my lips in a sheath of moisture. i wonder if i will be able to buy it here? 2) of course you can listen to your ipod in a cab! you're driver is talking on the phone for crying out loud--it's only fair. 3) i have noticed something terrible: men in skinny jeans. it is SO SO BAD. i am speechless. which brings me to 4) i am going to trash talk less. try to be less negative. that's my new year resolution. so far i am doing a TERRIBLE JOB. also i will read your blog more regularly. ha. xoxo

Katrina Woznicki said...

OMG--finally there's an outlet for my chapstick addiction. I don't have to hide in shame anymore.