Monday, January 29, 2007

Big Bubang Theory

The most important accessory for winter? It's not a hat, not gloves, not a sweater or an overcoat. It's not a body exfoliant, not a facial exfoliant; not a body moisturizer or a facial moisturizer. It's not cozy warm socks and it's not a nice fluffy Patagonia fleece.

No my friends, it is this one simple device: the humidifier.

In New York, the humidifier is a standby to the old radiator-heated apartments. This heating I'm talking about renders you bone dry. For the past few years we have therefore been rocking the $25 drugstore special - the Vicks humidifier without the Vaporub (even the word evokes memories of a toilet paper scarf worn to bed at night, but that is a subject for another posting). After last season, however, we decided the filtration system in the cheap-o model just wasn't cutting it, so my gallant husband upped the ante to the $40 model.

His attraction to the new device was that it had an option for hot humidity dispension, and by hot humidity dispension I mean it boiled water. Back to PC Richards it went and we invested in the $100 Air-O-Swiss option with a back-up ionic silver filter thingy from Bed, Bath and Bayond. We spent the night soaking the filter, filling up the device and switching it on and off every so often just to finally determine that it was defective. Back to B,B and B it went and we spent the next day viewing the city's finest (read: most miserable) appliance stores - PC Richards (both the East Village and Chelsea locations), Home Depot, Best Buy, Circuit City (they do not sell humidifiers..."Who?" "Humidifiers - they're not a band, they're household appliances").

We were nearly at our wit's end when EJ's initial suggestion - a joke at first - sounded so much more appealing. m2m on 11th Street and 3rd Avenue calls itself the Asian Convenient Store. Well three cheers to convenient-ness because the Bubang humidifier was less than $100 and that included a free humidifier cleaning product.

Considering the headline of this posting, is it absolutely horrible if I tell you the moral of this story is that when shopping for a humidifier, always go out with a Bubang?


marina said...

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Anonymous said...

I really appreciate the shoutout to the Vicks vapo rub toilet paper scarf! ;)

Jeff said...

You know, this is really funny. I was JUST shopping in M2M and looking at that humidifier tonight.

I think I'll go get one right now. It looks like a snail (which is just fine) and I've been tired of the dry air for weeks.

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