Saturday, March 31, 2007

Good Bread, Good Meat, Good God, Let's Shop

Just when I thought last weekend presented me with the best eating and shopping day, in came this weekend.

Last Sunday was Blue Hill at Stone Barns with R & S C. We drove up there in Vanilla, stomped around the mud in our fancy shoes, ate lovely greens and beef and fish, then headed home. What happened next really couldn't have without the Cs...we went to Target! Oh joy - I got a $25 Isaac Mizrahi pencil skirt and the Olay eye derma pods (sorry, mother earth).

Fast forward to this morning. EJ and I head out to MUD where we get the usual: two Italian breakfasts and granola/yogurt/fruit to share. Jacked up on their crazy-caffeinated coffee we head over to Zara to "look for" shirts for EJ. Five hours later we've gone into about every store in the area I like to call the Chelsea Mall. Mark it in the history books, people: the man bought considerably more than I did today. At 3 pm we were famished so we popped into the new tapas place on 19th Street, Boqueria. Que autentico! En serio, yo - this place knows what it's doing when it comes to a tortilla, datiles con bacon and its selections of wine and cheeses.

So what do you say, this coming weekend?

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stellaforstar said...

ahhhhhhh blue hill at stone barns--you're killin me! and boqueria, count me in for next time. i know the cheese girl. xo