Friday, April 18, 2008

Who Needs New York When It's All Happening in Colatown?

That's right, I said it. But with a night like last night, it's totally true. Here's what it encompassed. At 6 pm EJ and I met at the Columbia Museum of Art for the Runaway Runway fashion show. Put together by The Columbia Design League, the show was open to the public to use recycled and repurposed articles to create apparel. They ended up having a ton of people come to see the show - and something like 71 submissions - and it was so great to see such a mob come out for something like that. Unfortunately the show didn't start until a little after 8 pm, at which point EJ and I had to leave to go to a dinner in Elmwood Park, but we were able to catch all of the outfits as they had all of the models walk the runway together in the beginning. There were dresses made of neckties, CDs and cocktail napkins. Furthermore, the models were young, old, big, little, male, female and even some cutie little kids were up there strutting their stuff. EJ and I agreed that we felt proud to be Columbians at that show.

But like I said, we couldn't stay for the entire night since we were off to the next event -- dinner at the G's. Now LG loves herself some fresh fleurs, so we decided to swing by Publix in the Vista to grab some tulips. Guess who's shopping at Publix? Tracy Morgan. And guess who decided to give Tracy a ride back to his hotel? My husband. For some reason, I was mortified and couldn't even look the guy in the eye the whole time which was fine since he was sitting behind me. With him was his lovely fiancee Tanisha, who is described in most of the photos of them that I've seen online as his girlfriend but he introduced her as his fiancee so maybe I'm announcing some scoopage here?

Once we dropped off Tracy Morgan and his fiancee Tanisha and EJ settled down off of his star-struckedness, we came to the G's house where the whole wonderful gang was celebrating the end of their latest shoot. Oh yeah, the G's are two of the four partners that run the ever-so-cool, Mad Monkey, a production company based in our Cola, SC. I get the proud privilege of working with them, so does EJ, but most importantly they are wonderful friends and soon-to-be neighbors in Elmwood Park. Holla!

Not bad for a Thursday night, wouldn't you say?


Annie said...

Oh my gosh!! How could you not have mentioned this at lunch?! My husband lurves Tracy Morgan. Too cool!

stellaforstar said...

SHUT UP. Tracy Jordan IN YOUR CAR. I am speechless.

Virginia Belle said...

what was tracy morgan doing in columbia??

congrats on the house. it's adorable and in a super cool neighborhood!