Sunday, April 06, 2008

Nana Handbags by Sally Peek

Ok so I've been scooped by the Free Times, nonetheless I felt I had to write about Sally Peek and her incredibly funky line of handbags, Nana. I'm sure you can guess who her line is named after; well as it turns out, each style of bag is specifically named after a woman in her family. How sweet is that?

Today CC and I went over to Sally's to purchase some cutie items from her Spring line. Here's Sally - how can you not want to buy something from her?

And here are some shots of her workshop.

And here is C, doing some damage.

Supporting Sally's business, and therefore my wardrobe, is something that just feels good. She's such a friendly, creative person, there is zero guilt involved in buying a new bag per season.

At a winter sale hosted by her cousin, I bought this little number - a Sally bag - for myself.

Today, I sprung into Spring with this style - a Mombo (which, by the way, is her Mom's nickname). Look inside!

Ahem, subtle hint: Mother's Day is May 11, which is just about a month away.


groovyinclinations said...

What a fun design~ wonderful work!!

stellaforstar said...

duuude i love that bag. i may have to copy. xo

Virginia Belle said...

wow! those are cute!!!

thanks for sharing this. i get tired of shopping at the mall sometimes.