Friday, January 16, 2009

I Walked Home Last Night From Work, And I Liked It!

Most people in Columbia drive. In fact, I walked home last night after work with Monkey because EJ and I had driven in together in the morning and he left with the car to go to "band practice" and I saw only one other person walking...and we live about 13 blocks away from the office (AND note that some of these "blocks" are much longer than NYC or Boston blocks). We're not a walking city, but we really need to be. In order for us to get the retail I know many of us want to see in Columbia (J.Crew + any kind of store on Main Street), we are going to have to be willing to walk. In this case, I am using walking as a catch-all for many things were are going to have to be willing to do: work hard, push our city (and state) to have a competitive advantage - both economically and from an education perspective - use our libraries, use the internet, support the arts, support local food producers, etc.

It's more than placing a likeness of our state flag on your car, house, or boat. It can certainly start there, but then I think you need to walk.

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