Monday, January 05, 2009

Resolution #1: Blog More

#2: Post photos online in a more timely manner

#3: Read the bookclub books more diligently

#4: Be more healthy (run more, yoga more, less wine, bla blee blue)

#5: Consume more non-internet marketing-related media (magazines of note: Seed Magazine, BUST Magazine and Garden & Gun)

#6: Motivate on the business plans

#7: Complain less, DO more (Slow Food Columbia; 701 Center for Contemporary Art)

#8: Get over the whole "I hate the phone" thing

#9: Take dance lessons with EJ

#10: Follow through


CHE said...

Awesome and ambitious. But that's you. I've subscribed to SEED for a while and like them a lot; I'm curious to hear what you think. BTW ,last spring I was walking up Broadway in the low 50s and this gorgeous woman was standing in front of a bldg reading SEED. I was trying to figure out whether it was savvy marketing or whether I shoulda jumped in and handed her my #!

Mitch said...

more wine AND more exercise is the way to start the year in balance! good luck with the resos. and i'm going to give a shot at resolution #1...stand by...

stellaforstar said...

you. go. grrrrl.