Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Not Going to Blog about The Golden Globe Outfits

Miley Cyrus looked too old, Miley Cyrus looked age-appropriate. Renee Zel looked crazy, Renee was the only one who took a real fashion risk. I'm normally into all the glitz and glam, but this year it just seems a bit ostentatious, don't you think?

Now let's focus on the deals:

Last week there was a Marc by Marc Jacobs sale on Normally I'm not too into the inventory this site ends up getting, but I was intrigued by the sunglasses they had for $50.00 each. That was just a smidge too much dough, and I'm glad I passed because on Sunday I went to Marshall's to return some Seven Jeans that just weren't my dream pair and lo and behold - a pair of the sunnies I spied last week! What's more, they were $40.00, so really I saved $20.00 with the shipping and handling I didn't have to pay by buying them online.

These are the shades.

So go check out Marshall's right now because between the Seven Jeans I found in Delray Beach, and the sunnies I just found yesterday, they have some good deals. Then, bop over to Target (if you're in Columbia, I went to both stores in Harbison) and take advantage of the 30%-50% Clearance shoes. I got these royal blue booties for $20.00!

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