Monday, June 29, 2009

Surf Rumble 2009

The crew
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First there was Tom and Jerry.

Then there was Sharks and Jets.

And then there was Macho Beach Noseriders and Columbia Kook Squad!

This past weekend we had an absolute blast when the Macho Beach Noseriders hosted the Columbia Kook Squad (CKS) for an all out rumble! The two surf clubs competed in board-paddling relays, paddle-biking relays and tug-o-war. Though CKS was beat down, we did not go down without a fight. And then after the fight there was much good times to be had so who cares who won anyway?

Many thanks to the kings and queens of Folly for such a great time. The next round is indeed on us.

Check out the full line up on Flickr.

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