Sunday, July 12, 2009

Calvin Klein Underwear

I could blog about tubing down the Saluda on the 4th of July -- a day which ultimately culminated in our neighbor bitching us out for setting off fireworks -- or I could tell you about the fun-filled weekend I just had in Myrtle (Surfside, really), but instead I have the most important matter to discuss: Calvin Klein underwear.

So there's a type of underwear, underpants really, that Calvin Klein used to make that it seems is no longer in production. They're basic bikini with an elastic that's strong, but not too strong (meaning tight). Apparently what's making them so appealing is that they're not cotton, but 95% modal, which I'm hoping means "as safe and as good for you as cotton."

Could it be that Calvin Klein found modal to be too expensive? Did they get into a fight over cost with the primary supplier of the fabric? I am hoping it is something as innocuous as these issues rather than a discovery that modal is poisonous.

When you find your favorite underwear, or panties (!yucko word!), it is not AT ALL the kind of product you want the company to stop making. Even shampoo which is so particular to the way I look is something I can ultimately replace. I have been looking for new underwear for about a year now and thus far, to no avail.

I ask you, dear reader, any recos? Please share your comments!


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me!??!??!?! I had no idea!! Boooooooooooooo!!!!!!!


KHQ in Boston

stellaforstar said...

two words for you, Caroline: HANKY. PANKY.