Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How We Got Punk'd by Chase Mortgage Lending

Recently our mortgage payments went up slightly based on some deal with the PMI. When we - my husband and I - attempted to log into our online account in order to alter the automatic deposit, all hell broke loose. In a nutshell, we are now waiting for Chase to fix its website so that we can pay them. EJ has been on the phone with Chase at least three times now and was informed that the issue affects at least 150,000 people but (a) Chase doesn't know when the glitch will be fixed and (b) it can't notify us when the issue does indeed get fixed. Of course EJ's natural response was, "don't you want my money?"

Well no, the answer is that Chase would rather charge us a late fee for something that is their responsibility to fix. You'd think, with so much drama surrounding the mortgage crisis in general, Chase would be more organized about this website-payment glitch, but I guess 150K customers is a drop in the bucket?

Being a first-time home owner (and house-dweller, btw), I'm not sure really what my next move could be. As consumers, we're pretty much locked into Chase because of the rate - to switch now would mean we'd have to alter rates, right?

Mortgages, health care -- bla! Shelter and good health are fundamental and they've got us by the throats on both fronts.


Smiles said...

Rrrrr. I am polishing my club. Just dial the hotline and we'll muster the posse.

Childs said...

Also, to switch now would mean a new closing fee with your new mortgage broker. Grrrrrrr.