Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monkey as Muse

Monkey my dog has inspired some of the most genius, creative people to write a song and put a slideshow to said song. I don't really know what to say except that this is the best thing ever.

Song by Casey Kundert
Photos by Ryan Cockrell and Elizabeth Lloyd
Produced by Ryan Cockrell


Childs said...

Indeed! Best thing ever. Olive is jealous. This is awesome.

stellaforstar said...

I LOVE IT! (and I lurve you, monkey)

Anonymous said...

Hey Pork Head,
I thought you were my friend dude. You squawkin' up a love song to my ladyfriend Monkey ain't cool. Just a warning, I'm taking ukulele lessons and your ass is going down. I can hear the tears splattering round your snotty paws.
Oh yeah, your stinker stinks.
Maximus Buckwheat Pancakes
PS My monkey doesn't smoke cigs and she ain't never graced a hell-hole like NJ.
(Otherwise, nice sonnet.)

Anonymous said...

Its about time!

xoxoxo KH